Nipples are the unexpected surgery trend this year with everything from nipple lift surgery to areola reduction in demand.  We can improve nipples that are the wrong shape, or wrong size or change the colour and size of the areola.


Nipple Lift: The procedure involves creating several small flaps around the nipple to push it up and out to give the nipple more definition or to even out asymmetrical nipples. The nipple can be raised around 1.5cm -2cm above its existing level to enhance the appearance and make the breast look more pert”. Cost from £2,500
Areola Reduction:  An average areola- the pigmented area around the nipple- measures around 4.5 cm in diameter but pregnancy can stretch the entire breast and areola. When breasts shrink after pregnancy, the areola may not return to its previous size.
Weight gain and breast sagging can also cause an increase the size. Areola reduction surgery is a relatively simple procedure and involves removing skin around the areola. The outer circumference of the existing large areola is marked, and the circumference of the desired smaller areola is marked and the skin between these two circles is removed and stitches are placed.  This quick snip can usually be done under local anaesthesia, and requires minimal downtime. The surgery can leave a small scar that fades over time. From £2,000

Nipple Colour: The colour of the areola can range from pale to blend with fair breast skin to dark brown, depending on the rest of your colouring. Nipples can also darken during pregnancy, and some may stay that way after giving birth. If you’re unhappy with the colour, the area can medically be tattooed to enhance the shade or to make the outline more even. An initial consultation will determine the exact colour match for your skin type and a test patch will be carried out before treatment. A retouch is essential between 4-12 weeks after your initial treatment. This enables the fine tuning of colour density and making sure the pigments are retained uniformly. From £750 Results can last up to three years

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