No Munchies Required!

As you all probably are aware of by now,  I am married to Dr. Aamer Khan,  a cosmetic doctor whose skills and delicate touch with the needle is well documented.  A sprinkle of Botox here…a mini dash of Profhilo there.  A surgical thread lift in super-quick time…no problem.  All these and more are part of his daily life, so when he trapped his fingers in a drawer recently it was a major disaster.
Clearly it was painful, but I initially dismissed the noise and cursing as a normal masculine approach to illness.  Man flu ring a bell anyone?  However, I had to eat my words when the swelling began and one finger in particular looked as though it had been broken.  Scans revealed not, but it was pretty obvious that it was going to be a while until that particular finger was going to be in good working order again.  Luckily, his body seems to have a good recovery process and he was soon back to work….but the finger still ached and was definitely much stiffer than the others. 
Ibroprofen helped, but being an impatient person (!) he started researching what else might be out there to help.  As luck would have it, there was a huge amount of publicity about the use of medical cannabis for conditions such as epilepsy (was it legal etc)  so he began there ….and discovered cannabidiol..CBD to you and me.  
Now to be clear..Yes, CBD is derived from the cannabis plant..but No, you cannot get high from it as it does not contain the element which is mind-altering…that’s called THC and illegal in the UK.
The mere mention of cannabis is likely to send everyone into fits of laughter with the word ‘munchies’ being bandied around…rather too fondly in some cases!  But the benefits of medicinal cannabis are being being studied at the moment particularly for multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s  and inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, because if it works it will be a huge breakthrough.
In the meantime, there are two versions of CBD currently, and legally, available in the UK:
CBD Cream is a brilliant moisturiser, as it has more of the essential fatty acids our skin needs than any other vegetable oil.  It’s anti-inflammatory too, so the anti-ageing possibilities are really quite exciting and many well-known skincare companies are looking at incorporating CBD into their ranges, particularly those dealing with acne or eczema flare-ups.
CBD Oil, which is what my husband used.   A couple of drops taken orally, under the tongue worked almost immediately….well pain relief in around 30 minutes is pretty immediate in my book….then fingers were flexed and all was well.  And so it has continued whilst the finger healed.
He was so impressed that I was tempted to try it for myself despite the fact that I was never a fan of cannabis in any form, so have I never tried it before… but because I have high stress levels due to my day-to-day life I wanted to see if it could help take the edge off…to calm me down.  It does.  Plus I have higher concentration levels too.
To be honest, in the beginning, we were both a tad sceptical, but after our personal experiences we decided to conduct some trials in the Clinic and are currently testing both the cream and the oils on patients with acne or scarring.  We are cautiously optimistic, but these things take time so the results will not be available for a few months, and I will report back then.
The brand we are using is MariPharm
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