Nothing adds 10 years like bad hair!

Women get comfortable with their hairstyle and because something worked well when they were younger they think that it will look good all their life. Not true. Just think of Linda Evangelista who has made a (successful) career out of changing her hair length and colour all the time. Just when we got used to one look, she changed it..a true chameleon.

The sight of the first grey hair is just the beginning – and don’t forget that this happens in early to mid-30’s for most women – but don’t panic, just get a few lowlights or highlights which blend in with your natural shade. But if you do go grey fast, then a permanent colour may be the answer. Some women go grey gracefully and look fantastic …Helen Mirren for instance who still looks sexy even when she lets her hair go its natural silvery grey…but for mere mortals grey can be incredibly ageing.

Tip: If you have a grey roots emergency and you’re a brunette, use a little black or brown mascara to cover them up. Don’t overload the brush though and old mascaras that have dried out slightly work best, so don’t throw them out!

Fringes can hide a multitude of sins, such as forehead wrinkles and frown lines, just experiment with the length and style . Feathering works for some, or a side-swept fringe works for other.

Tip: Try lightening your eyebrows a little. If you feel confident you can gently apply a little facial hair bleach, making sure to keep out of your eyes, but if not then most beauty salons can do this for you.

Nothing screams youth and vitality more than super-shiny hair. As we get older hair becomes drier and loses its lustre. Try taking a supplement containing Omega 3,6and 9 fatty acids which are great for hair health. And every now and then take a little time and put a deep conditioning mask onto your hair and let it do it’s work. Olaplex is a new condition which works wonders and is easily available on line.

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