Nothing adds 10 Years like… BAD NAILS!

We pay attention to the skin on our hands, using creams and sun protection to avoid age spots and crepey skin, yet most of us barely give out nails a second thought. But let me share a little secret, ladies – nails age, too! As we get older, rides start to appear, nails become drier and break more easily, and they can take on a nasty yellow discolouration. Nobody wants ‘old lady nails’, so here’s how to get them in tip-top condition.

1- Smooth the bumps. Ridges are like wrinkles for the nails; they look horrible and we get more of them as we get older. They’re easy to smooth by sanding the surface with a nail buffer.

2- Adoid the splits. Our nails become drier and more brittle, but with a little nail care you can stop them splitting. Go for a gentle, moisturising nail polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone, as this is harsh on nails and dries them out even more!

3- Get a younger shape. Long, pointy nails are definitely not hip! They look witchy and dated. Go for a more modern look – Short and squared off.

4- Fix the colour. Discoloured nails aren’t pretty! Buffing them can help, but to cover them up, go for baby pink, sheer white or pale pastel polish to cancel out yellow tones. french-manicure

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