There’s nothing sexier than a perfect pout but when it comes to lips   bigger is definitely not better


Has the trend for big lips had its day?

According to the latest statistics, there’s been a 135 per cent increase in demand for lip reductions treatments due to the fear of ending up with the dreaded trout pout – the wonky duck effect that can result from overfilling the lips.

The trend for big lips began in the late Eighties when collagen was  first used. Fast forward a couple of decades and celeb  ‘victims ‘ of the dreaded daffy look  have  been too numerous to mention – think   Hollywood stars  Melanie Griffith  and Meg Ryan, Katie Price   Leslie Ash and, more recently, Katie Price Tulisa and Amy Childs.

Why big lips? Probably because plump lips are associated with youth and fertility  and for many celebs youth and sexiness are everything. Unfortunately, this look has  given lip augmentation a bad name,which is a shame as a lip procedure carried out by a good cosmetic doctor can work wonders on an ageing face. The dreaded trout pout is not an inevitable consequence of having your lips done! So if you’re thinking of have  a lip procedure, here’s what to remember

* No one has a perfectly symmetrical mouth, also no two people have the same lips and there are also different styles of lips which do not suit everybody. For instance, you shouldn’t try to copy Angelina Jolie ‘s bee stung mouth if you don’t have those kinds of lips naturally.


*The key to good lip augmentation is knowing where to place the filler. We prefer, a less is more philosophy so that patient’s lips don’t look overstretched and overdone. Too much filler can also   be dangerous; as it can   leak and break up the lip border leaving it lumpy

*A little filler goes a long way and produces far more natural results. As far as trends go, the  less in more look is definitely on the rise.

* Often people make the mistake that the lips just involve the red part but actually this area extends upwards towards the nose, downward to the chin and sideways towards the nose to mouth lines.

* A good cosmetic doctor should target a number of areas to get the best effect for a lip makeover, including the shape of the mouth and lipstick lines– just volumising the lips can look odd on an ageing face




Did you know that lips age faster than the rest of your skin? They tend to thin from around the age of 30, with the effects becoming more obvious from the late 30s, especially on smokers. As we age, sometimes, the lower lip just disappears and also the lips and the corners of the mouth can start to wrinkle. Lips also become thinner and lose their fullness so much so that, for some women, putting  on lipstick can be a problem. Lip skin  is very thin and isn’t like the skin that covers the rest of the body but made of the same tissues that line the inside of the mouth. A rich blood supply gives them their full and red appearance, but as we get older and our hormones change, the blood supply starts to diminish and this leads to thinning and reduction in the colour of the lips. They become deflated and wrinkled, the vermillion border (lip line) also becomes less defined and loses its colour while collagen and elastin which gives lips their fullness breaks down. But lip augmentation – a cosmetic makeover on lips – can tackle all these problems and isn’t just for women who want a   movie star mouth. lips


*Studies show that women with naturally full lips look years younger than those with thinner


There are many different injectable options for temporarily boosting lips and the areas surrounding them but the ones we champion are non-permanent or temporary injectable dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid, found naturally in the body, so the product is very safe. It will be broken down by the body’s natural processes over 4 to 8 months and can also be dissolved if the effect is not to the patient’s liking. Our lip filler of choice is Teosyal Kiss made from hyaluronic acid, which when injected can give a discreet natural, plumping effect resulting in a smooth natural look especially on women with thin lips. A small amount of filler injected into the v shape at either end of the lips can also restore the shape of the lips. One treatment will last around 9months   from £350

Fat Injections The latest, cutting edge technique uses your own fat, a syringe extracts fat from the buttocks or other fatty areas of the body which is then washed with saline and re-injected into the lips with local anesthesia to maximize comfort. This give natural longer lasting results and cost around £XXX

*Cinderella Lips- ideal if you want trial run plumper lips.

A dental block is given and then Saline – water containing salt – is injected into the lip line giving the lips a natural outline and a fuller pout  – no danger of a trout pout as the effect will only last up to four days  – expect to pay around £100


We have always been against any permanent filler as our faces change with time. The fat decreases, we lose bone density and what looks great at 48 can look ridiculous 10 years later. The skin in that area may have sagged but the product will still remain in position, and will have to be removed surgically, which can cause damage, scarring and deformation of the lips. Permanent filler can also leave lips lumpy which is what happened to Leslie Ash whose botched lip implants in 2002 made her a laughing stock.



Wrinkled lips

Treatment If your lips are crepey looking and covered in fine lines then Restylane Vital Light is an injectable treatment that will not only hydrates the lips but plump and smooth the fine lines. Results last six months cost from £200

Lip/Smoker’s Lines

Treatment To banish those pesky ‘smoker’s lines’ or deeper grooves above the lips – the peri-oral area – a laser such Fraxel Re-pair can rejuvenate and resurface damaged skin A single treatment will take around 4/5 days to heal. Sun protection must be worn every day after treatment Results last up to 3 years. Cost from  £750.

Problem Dark shadow/patch above top lip

Treatment Called hyper pigmentation and caused through excess melanin, hormones (such as pregnancy) or by lip waxing.  Smartxide laser can help remove pigment – one treatment needed from £150 – permanent results.

Amazingly some celebs have taken lip plumping to the extreme –because they like the fake look   Terrified when they start to deflate they have more filler and can become. hooked on endless top ups making their lips bigger each time.. We call it liporexia. But overfilling the lips can actually cause disfigurement. Sometimes, too when filler is injected in the very edges of the lip, it can leave a stiff protruding effect, a bit like daffy the duck and some lip jobs completely obliterate the cupid’s bow which make the lips look like sausages.

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