Treatment – Bodyjet

What’s Involved? A minimally invasive procedure using a water jet assisted procedure which uses radio frequency energy and is ideal for stubborn fat bulges on the outer thighs and for removing fat where there is loose skin.

Results show that it tightens skin by up to 60 per cent more than traditional liposuction. A local anaesthetic is injected and a thin fan shaped water jet is channelled into the fat tissue to dislodge which is then removed through a cannula. Recovery one to two days, support garments to be worn for two weeks. Final results seen in 3 to 6 months.

Cost from £2,000 per area contact 0207 436 4441



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Treatment – CoolSculpting

What’s involved? A cooling treatment using cryolipolysis which chills targeted areas of fat on the body including bra bulges, back fat and under-bottom fat.

A small plate like device is placed directed onto the skin over the areas to be treated and then rapidly cooled. This process crystallises the lipoids in the fat cells so they dissolve, and are then eliminated from the body naturally over the following weeks.  No downtime though there may be some temporary redness and numbness but with no lasting effect.  Depending on the areas to be treated up to three sessions, a couple of weeks apart, may be required with best results seen three months after treatment.

Cost From £800 per one session

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Treatment – Venus Legacy

What’s involved? A small versatile hand piece that uses radio frequency and pulsed electro magnetic field therapy, but this device then  goes a step further as it can also heat the deeper layers of the skin using varipulse technology which is important to break down stubborn fat deposits and stimulate collagen. The hand piece gently suctions the skin upwards, which expands the tissue making it easier for heat to penetrate. This helps lymphatic draining, boosts blood circulation to help tighten the skin. It feels like a hot stone massage and depending on areas to be treated up to eight fortnightly 40 minutes sessions may be needed with best results seen three to  six months after the course.




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Stuck with stubborn lumps and bumps which won’t disappear, despite diet and exercise?  Nowadays, it really is possible to shape and sculpt your body without spending months in the gym or invasive surgery thanks to the many new  high tech body firming and contouring treatments that will reduce fat, tighten skin and smooth cellulite.

The good thing about these new fat blasters is that most are minimally invasive so have little downtime and discomfort and can target all areas of the body, including the face and the dreaded chicken skin.

There are several different types of treatments, but they all generally work the same way.

A concentrated energy source  – laser, ultrasound radio waves, radio frequency or extreme cold – gets aimed at fat cells, which causes the fat’s cell membranes to be punctured or destroyed   killing the fat cells which are eliminated naturally by the body and, in the process, boosting collagen to tighten skin.  The very latest device, Venus Legacy, combines several technologies so can tackle fat pockets, cellulite and improve skin texture and tone at the same time.

The procedures all differ in method of delivery, cost, and results, but remember they are not a miracle cure for the obese. If you are fat all over you need to shift the extra weight first as these treatments are best for body contouring, tightening lax skin which you may have after losing a little weight and troublesome pockets of flab or bulges which simply won’t shift

A course of treatments with best results seen up to six months after when new collagen has formed along   with a healthy, low fat diet, plenty of water and regular exercise. will often achieve the best results .   Just as important is a stable weight after treatment if you want to maintain the benefits and you can also boost results by making a few  lifestyle changes…

  1. Strength training – along with regular cardiovascular exercise, a couple of sessions of lifting weights per week can help fat melting. The extra muscle you build helps burn more calories,
  2. Eat more fruit /salads – rich in vitamin C and flavonoids which will help break down fatty compounds while lettuce is rich in iron and magnesium, which are believed to dissolve fat
  3. Drink green tea – it contains antioxidants and is known to increase the body’s metabolic rate, the speed at which fat is burned.

Keep an eye on my blog over the next couple of weeks as I share with you the latest high tech body contouring methods to give your body a helping hand!



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Help! I have Acne on my body!

My back gets very spotty during the hot weather which I have trouble reaching to treat myself. What do you recommend?

We call this bacne and it’s a common problem during hot weather when the heat increases sebum production and blocks pores, causing spots. A back facial, sometimes called a bacial, is great for spotty backs as it helps breaks down dry and dead skin cells and deals with clogged pores. We do a sixty minute Bacne Blaster at our clinic which combines extractions), a back peel using glycolic acid to treat blocked pores, followed by a fusion of red and blue LED light to target acne causing bacteria and promote healing before finishing with a moisturising mask.  A treatment costs around £120 and  most beauty  salons will offer a similar procedure.
At home, try using a long handled bristle brush when you have a shower and give your back a really good scrub.  This will boost circulation, bringing much-needed nutrients and oxygen to the skin. If you can bear it, a little DIY hydrotherapy with the shower hose can help keep skintight – simply blast your back with alternating hot and cold water.

Finish with a spot fighting spritz of La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray  (£7.50 which is specifically designed to target key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin.

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The Secret about Pores

Forget acne and wrinkles. It’s your pores that are the latest anti ageing fixation.

Sales of pore products, like pore-minimising strips and lotions have risen seven-fold in the last couple of years, while the latest research says, thanks to HD TV, selfies and instagram, one in three of us constantly worry about the size of our pores.
Some dermatologists have even coined the phrase ‘porexia’ to describe the women who have an obsession with the size of their pores.
Pores are actually minute sweat glands – tiny openings to hair follicles – and each one produces natural oil which helps us maintain healthy skin while protecting against infection and dryness. The average adult has five million pores on their body with approximately 20,000 on their face alone. The size of our pores is largely determined by genetics but like everything else, they can look worse as we get older. As we age, the skin around a pore loses its firmness so the pore can look larger because of the lack of support from the surrounding tissue.
But before you splash out on any miracle pore-reducing product remember, you cannot shrink pores. It is also myth to think that certain products such as toners and other treatments close pores. This is because pores don’t have muscles around them. On the bright side, though, there are plenty of tricks and treatments to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, and to clear blocked pores. The goal is to keep pores clean and at their smallest – here’s how…


Blocked Pores
A pore becomes blocked or clogged when oil, dead skin cells and everyday dirt and pollution enter the opening which can leave your skin looking uneven and even a little grubby. Blocked pores often show up as blackheads which are actually the result of oxidation, a chemical reaction involving oxygen and sebum.  Summer also take is toll on the skin – SPF’s, bronzers and accumulated sweat can seriously block pores which left untreated can lead to acne.
*The quickest DIY fix is a steam facial. Run hot water into a bowl, and then cover your head with a towel to trap the steam and place your face over it. After a few minutes of steaming, the pores will begin to loosen the dead skin, oil and dirt that has been blocking them.
Next use a gentle exfoliating facial scrub to get rid of the dead skin and debris. Salicylic acid is the best ingredient for penetrating into the pore lining and helping to keep them clean and known for its ability to smooth the skin without causing irritation, reduce acne-causing bacteria and oil to prevent blemishes, while penetrating the pores to help clear out impurities.
1. Try Super Facialist Anti Blemish Purifying and Refreshing Face Scrub (£ which contains Salicylic Acid and Vitamin B3.  Finish by rinsing your face with cold water. Repeat this steam facial once a week or as often as needed.
*Some people like to squeeze these little blackheads to unclog the pores, but they tend to keep filling up will sebum and dead skin cells unless you regularly use an AHA serum but If you pop a pimple or blackhead incorrectly you can damage the pore and enlarge it.  It’s best to leave extractions to the professionals.
2. Try Institut Esthederm Intensive AHA Peel Concentrated Serum (£ which helps to reduce the appearance of pores and skin irregularities, for an even and radiant complexion.
3. *Adding a detoxifying facemask to your beauty routine once a week is also a good idea. Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask (£6.67 boots) is a self-heating mask which gently opens pores so the charcoal and kaolin clay can help draw out impurities.
4. *Pore strips are able to clean the surface of the skin and are good for a quick fix– try
Biore Original Deep Cleansing Pore Strips  (£

5. *At the clinic try a deep cleansing facial like Hydrafacial which combines deep cleansing with a microdermabrasion treatment so skin will be instantly brighter, plumper and more refined. From £120. Call 0207 436 4441

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45-Minute PDO Lift  

Finally, a face lift that only takes 45 minutes, great for drooping foreheads and heavy brows!!

45-Minute PDO Lift  

The latest lunchtime thread lift uses specially adapted threads made from Polydioxanone, (which have been used as absorbable threads during surgery for over 20 years). The results are similar to a surgical face-lift, lifting & tightening the skin, softening wrinkles and because the threads boost collagen over time, the process will also tightening pores and create volume. The procedure is ideal for drooping foreheads and heavy brows, the outer eyebrow area, and sagging cheeks, smile lines as well as jowls and double chin. The effects are instant. There may be some bruising and tissue bunching, but these settle. Results can last 18 months to 3 years.

All treatments that involve the placement of sutures, or threads under the skin pose a small risk of infection, so a short course of antibiotics are usually prescribed.

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60-Minute WAF Face Lift

Below I have written about a second Facelift that takes under 1 hour… and you can have it whilst you’re awake!

60-Minute WAF Face Lift (Wide Awake)

This new treatment  – also called The Wide Awake Facelift – gives a relaxed and lifted look with 2 to5 days downtime, in less than an hour using local anaesthetic.

Ultra fine threads are introduced into sagging areas of the face to form a trellis effect to lift the skin up and hold it in place. The threads leave no scars and there are immediate results but there may be some bruising or swelling for around five days which can be covered with make up .The one hour procedure can be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to boost collagen and improve skin tone. If there is deeper tissue sagging, then stronger, deeper sutures can be used to lift the face. The results are instant and can last 18 months to 3 years.



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30 Minute Silhouette Soft Lift  

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be writing about Face Lift treatments you can have in under 60 minutes!

Number 1….


30 Minute Silhouette Soft Lift  

This non-invasive procedure can lift sagging cheeks jowls and brows without pain and downtime and is ideal if you have lost some volume in the face, and there is some laxity. Using local anaesthetic, tiny needle incisions are made near the hairline and soft sutures are inserted to lift sagging skin back into place and reposition volume to the cheeks and other areas. The treatment also helps boost collagen over time to improve skin quality. There may be a little bruising which can be covered with make up. There may also be some skin bunching, which settles over 2 to 5 days. Instant results which can last around 18 months.


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The Big Apple!

Did you know that apples are a big anti-ageing ingredient?

But Im not talking about just any old apple, but a rare Swiss apple from the Uttwiler Spatlauber. High-end creams that contain it already have an A-list following and even First Lady, Michelle Obama, is said to use an expensive skin serum with an extract from the stem cells of this apple.

It’s believed stem cells from the fruit can stimulate human skin stem cells, thereby protecting skin cell regeneration and delaying the onset of wrinkles. Apples are also rich in antioxidant flavonoids, which protects your skin against environmental damage, making skin more resistant to sun damage.

Uttwiler Spatlauber apple creams may cost around £200 , which is great if you have some spare cash. But why not add it into your skin-care regime for a little less with the Harley Street Skin StemCellution range? It’s packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients including peptides, epidermal growth factors and the all important fruit stem cells. 

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