The Latest Anti-Ageing Ingredients – Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal
What it does: It’s the hot ingredient of the moment and been added to everything from cleansers through to face masks. But don’t worry this isn’t the coal you put on the Bbq, but activated charcoal powder that has been specially treated.  Although not strictly new- it has been used in medicine for many years mainly to treat alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses – it works by attaching and absorbing toxins in the stomach before they hit the bloodstream. Now it has been reformulated for skincare and the theory is similar, in that it will act like a magnet to absorb dirt and oil. Highly absorbent, it draws out the impurities from skin and also help with exfoliation, making it ideal for oily and acne prone skin. The deep cleansing properties also mean serums and moisturisers will be more effective as they can penetrate deeper
Try it :Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, £23 and   Clear Improvement Charcoal Body Wash, £25 
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This month, I am going to be writing about all the latest anti-ageing ingredients!

Nowadays, the ever-changing skin care markets moves at breakneck speed, so it can be hard to keep up.   New skin care ingredients and skin care advancements are being discovered practically every day. Once we all raved about coconut oil and hyaluronic acid as the must-have ingredient,  but there are even newer discoveries, or extracts that have been used before, coming back into vogue.   

But which ones are worth trying and why? I have had a look at the latest kids on the block to demystify the upcoming hero ingredients and the products you can find them in. The tried and tested elements should still hold a place in your skin care regimen, but these are the new and exciting ingredients and trends for you to try for yourself. Keep checking back on my blog to read all about them!

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Raising the Bar

When exactly was it that we all stopped using soap?  I guess it was probably when liquid soaps were launched and a thousand bathrooms all began emulating top hotel spas.  And then there was the oft-quoted mantra that soap was too drying on the skin.  It’s a real shame because I can remember collecting soap from my holiday travels…how nice is that Olive oil soap from Provence…or even better, the Lavender one?

Now, in the age of ditch-plastic-at-all-costs, it seems that bars of soap are making a return.  And about time too I say, and it seems I am not alone as sales of soap are growing faster than the liquid variety.  But what of the ‘It dries your skin’ mantra?  Well, that can still be true, but if you choose a brand which has lots of oils (coconut, avocado, nuts or olive for instance), and if you avoid sodium laurel sulphate (the stuff which makes the lather) then all will be well.

What’s my favourite I hear you ask?  Well, it’s Rosina’s Goats Milk Soap.


All their soaps are made by hand, in very small batches and are 100% natural. Free from chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances and parabens they do not contain palm oil either.  They smell absolutely delicious and are so gentle that they are suitable for all skin types.  The packaging is lovely too.Hand wrapped in signature tissue and ribbon,  I  use them myself and give them as gifts to everyone.  Not had a bad review yet.


So, clean skin and saving the earth at the same time.  Can’t be bad.

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Brexit and the Menopausal Woman

As we get closer to Brexit the debate about potential shortage of food and medicines continues to rage.  And rage is a really pertinent word when applied to menopausal women who have been up in arms due to lack of their chosen HRT products.  A lot of women sail through the menopause without any symptoms whatsoever, but for some, HRT has literally been a lifesaver…it has definitely saved many a marriage, because there is nothing quite like a menopausal woman and her fluctuating moods!

Hopefully, the government will have everything under control soon, but in the meantime, if you are looking for some extra help, try CBD drops.  CBD is not designed to take over from HRT, but it helps to calm everything down….and it definitely helps with sleep, because let’s face it, if we all slept like a baby each night, everything looks a whole lot better.

When I needed it, CBD stepped up and helped me…and it could do the same for you.  I tried MariPharm and it worked, so we now stock it in the Clinic.  Call us on 020 7 436 4441.

I also like bio-identical hormones which are a natural way of tackling the menopause…but using the power of plants.  We handle this in the Clinic too, so again, give us a call and come and talk it all through.

And breathe.

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Inspired by the machines you find in top clinics, and a great way to kick-start a getting into shape, Slendertone’s Abs Belt( £149.99 slendertone.comBoots, Argos) uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to create strong deep muscle contractions via small electrical pulses which are attached to the body by pads.

Generally, your brain sends pulses to your muscles telling them to contract or relax. EMS sends electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise your muscles. Even those muscles that are extremely hard to reach via conventional exercise. EMS is a proven efficient way to exercise your muscles, rooted in sports science research. Best results are achieved when used in conjunction with 20 minutes of exercise 5 days a week for the first six weeks combined with healthy eating .

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I cannot tell you how much I ADORE this.

Not only does it smell utterly divine …that will be the  Rose Floral Water..but it is incredibly rejuvenating and nourishing thanks to the Macadamia Oil.  So is it a new wonder creme?  Nope, it’s a masque..but unlike many other masques I have tried it is designed to work in just two minutes.  I love that, because I just do not have time to sit around waiting for a product to work.  The Insta-masque from Nuxe is an ingenious gel formulation which magically turns into oil on the skin…so a little goes a very long way.  And not only that, there are tiny exfoliating powders too, so as you gently massage into the skin you are removing dead skin cells too.  The result is a smooth, luminous baby-soft skin.  And the rose fragrance lingers on too.

Insta-Masque by Nuxe is a little wonder.   I get mine from and if you are quick you can get a 50ml jar for just £13.00 rather than the usual £19.50.


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Treatment – Forma

What’s involved? A pain free resurfacing and skin rejuvenation alternative to laser which uses radio frequency technology to help promote collagen/elastin and skin tightening without any downtime.  The hand piece looks a bit like a hairbrush with fine needles which is placed on the skin and RF energy is passed through the needles to heat up the skin.

A course of 6-8 treatments a week apart will achieve best results.

Downtime Skin may be slightly red for a day or so but easily covered with mineral make up.

Contact 0207 434 4441



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If long flights and travelling leave legs puffy and feeling heavy give them an instant makeover with Legology’s new instant leg fixes.

Legology Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts for Legs is a new detoxifying leg scrub which combines sea salt with diuretic Himalayan pink salt.  Both salts will polish skin and help stimulate the lymph for deep drainage to contour lighten and energise the legs. The salts come packed in individual treatment sachets so ideal to pop in your luggage or handbag  and should be used on dry skin before showering (£42 for five sachets available exclusively  from Liberty).

For bare-leg confidence  finish with Legology Sun Lite , dubbed sheer lingerie for legs. A jelly –cream formula, which contains caffeine and centella to boost circulation as well as a wash off tan pigment to give a legs a lightly bronzed finish. (£36

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Treatment – LipoSonix

What’s Involved? During the one-off sixty minute procedure, which can remove up to an inch of fat, advanced ultrasound technology is used to permanently destroy stubborn fat cells particularly around the waist, which are then naturally removed by the body over the following months. The treatment can be a little uncomfortable with feelings of prickling and heat, and you may have a little redness or bruising after but this will subside within a week or two. Best results seen up to three months after treatment

Cost From £1990 for one session contact Dr Rita Rakus 0207 460 7324



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Treatment – Bodyjet

What’s Involved? A minimally invasive procedure using a water jet assisted procedure which uses radio frequency energy and is ideal for stubborn fat bulges on the outer thighs and for removing fat where there is loose skin.

Results show that it tightens skin by up to 60 per cent more than traditional liposuction. A local anaesthetic is injected and a thin fan shaped water jet is channelled into the fat tissue to dislodge which is then removed through a cannula. Recovery one to two days, support garments to be worn for two weeks. Final results seen in 3 to 6 months.

Cost from £2,000 per area contact 0207 436 4441



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