From multi-masking to sheet masks, home masks remain hugely popular but the new kids on the block are even more advanced and include jellies, balms, bubbles and innovative new rubber masks. 

Crystal Clear Facelift, In A Box which work by mixing a powder formula with water to form a paste which is then applied all over the face avoiding the eyes and lips. Within a few minutes the paste will then dry to a rubbery consistency and after 30 minutes can easily be peeling off in one go. Rubber masks are not a gimmick and are actually great for sensitive skin types because the formula hardens so can be less irritating. £14.99 from

BeautyPro’s Detoxifying Foaming and Cleansing Sheet Mask with Activated Charcoal does exactly that. Smooth when applied, as soon as the ingredients hit the skin and become exposed to air they begin to create a bubbly froth.

The bubbling action also creates a micro massaging motion helping wiggle pores open and allowing the detoxifying charcoal and exfoliating fruit extracts get to work on every layer. The addition of rose water, lavender and chamomile will also rehydrate skin so you don’t have to deal with that taut, stretched sensation once you wipe away the bubbles.

Beauty Pro Detoxifying Foaming & Cleansing Sheet Mask with Activated Charcoal, £4.95 from

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According to the long range weather forecasters it looks like we are in for the worst winter for five years.   This dire prediction is based on the confirmation that the weather phenomenon known as La Nina,  a vast area of colder-than-usual surface water which is established in the eastern Pacific, is heading our way.   The last time it happened was in 2010, and that was a particularly freezing winter for us.  Gulp!

So hunker down and crank up the central heating.  Or maybe not!

Lower temperatures and biting winds combined with central heating can leave skin dehydrated, tight and flaky so it is a good time to stop using a foaming cleanser and swap to something milder and creamier.  I find that Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleaner (£8.99 from works wonders.  Follow that with a serum or facial oil for extra support.  Avene Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum only costs £18 ( but it contains thermal water and helps strengthen and rehydrate.

The colder weather is a good time to put the grainy exfoliator away too, as it can dry out the skin , but a good alternative is to look for a peel which contains glycolic or lactic acids instead as these encourage exfoliation naturally.  Many of the newer products are gentle, yet powerful enough to leave your skin fresh and radiant.  Try Filorga Oxygen Peel  £26 (  It has glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid to resurface and plump.

A good tip if your complexion looks red or blotchy is to break open an Evening Primrose oil capsule and apply the contents directly on to cleansed skin.  Evening Primrose oil is packed with essential fatty acids which restore the skin’s moisture barrier and reduce redness in a few hours.

Once a week, it is a good idea to use a moisturizing mask for added hydration.  Try Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme 7-in-1.  It costs £65 from and it leaves skin nourished and glowing.

And winter is the perfect time to have a professional resurfacing procedure at the Clinic as you are less likely to be exposed to damaging UV rays.  Fractora is a good one to try.  It is a radiofrequency treatment that revitalises and rejuvenates dull and dry skin.  It is safe for all areas of the face and next and it helps tighten sagging skin, reducing pigmentation marks, fill out fine lines and boost collagen production.  Cost is from £1000

Oh, and don’t forget your lips because the skin here is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face, so cold temperatures can quickly lead to chapping.  Another tip is apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to your lips before you go to bed.  But if your lips are extremely dry you can try a barrier cream such as La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume, which helps to rebuild the epidermis.  £6 from

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Up to now tightening saggy skin without going under the knife has always been tricky.

But a revolutionary new treatment called Forma Excel is the latest non-surgical radio frequency skin-tightening device  – safe for all skin types- with little or no downtime.

Perfect for anyone who has lax skin on their neck, arms, stomach or thighs, the 30-minute procedure tightens skin and boosts collagen. It will also improve skin tone, texture irregularities and give a gentle lift. For best results you have to commit to three treatments one a month using a precise form radio frequency that targets deep into the skin, a hand held device is massaged over the treatment areas, heating the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, for approximately 30 minutes.

This stimulates the formulation of new collagen as well as contracting and tightening the layers of the skin. The treatment is painless with no downtime and best results seen within six to eight weeks when skin will look clearer and tighter. Cost £2000.

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Have you felt it yet?  That frisson of excitement that Christmas is just around the corner and that lots of lovely things will start happening?

Christmas is undoubtedly a wonderful time for seeing friends and family and filling up on festive food and drink…but are you ready for the party season because it is only a few weeks away?

Does that LBD fit?  Or is a tad tighter than last year?   Fear not because I can recommend a brilliant fat-blaster called BodyTite which,  if you start now, will make you look noticeably slimmer by Christmas.  It is a minimally invasive, contouring treatment using RFAL (radio frequency assisted liposuction) to break down fat cells, boost collagen and tighten the skin through a tiny incision in the skin.    The good news is that up to three areas can be treated at the same time so if you are worried about bra overspill, back fat, or your abdomen or thighs then this could be the answer you are looking for.  You will get instant results which carry on improving over the following weeks.  Cost is from £2000

Alternatively, check out Reaction.  It is a quick and painless treatment which combines radio-frequency energy with vacuum therapy.  A course of 4-6 weekly treatments will tighten and tone tummies and arms plus it stimulates new collagen for getter skin thickness and texture.  It’s great for cellulite on thighs too.  From £1500

 So..that’s your silhouette sorted…so how about putting the twinkle back in your eyes?

The Hitch Lift is a brand new technique which uses fully absorbable  surgical string to lift the brow area and tighten baggy eyelids, just like a surgical eyelift.    Miniscule threads are inserted under the skin in a procedure which only takes 30-minutes and you will see an immediate result and which will last for around 18 months.   However, do plan for some downtime as there may be swelling.   Cost is from £900.

My other tips:

  • Exfoliate weekly and use a good mask.  I love Rosina’s Lotions & Potions Exfoliating Kale & Pomegranate Mask £25
  • Give your back a good overhaul to get rid of dry spotty skin.  Boots have a lovely Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Back Spray £5.19
  • I always recommend body brushing to improve circulation, remove dry skin and help flush toxins out of the system.
  •  Give your cleavage some TLC to make sure that you show off your decolletage to best effect.  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream should do the trick.   £6.69
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The latest in technology means beauty gadgets are even more ingenious. Look out for these smart new tools.


The Kerastase Hair Coach is used with a Smart Phone.

It uses clever sensors that feed data via Wi-Fi to an app and every time you brush your hair a small microphone in the brush picks up the sound to determine your hair’s manageability and show how healthy your hair is.  The app also takes external factors like humidity, temperature, UV and wind into account and will then give personalised product recommendations. £200 from Kerastase hair salons or go to

Look out for another new hair innovation, The CareCut, which targets and seals split ends using innovative, electrically heated scissors. Unlike a conventional haircut, the thermal scissors seal the tips of the hair at the moment of cutting, locking in moisture and emollients to give long lasting protection against elements that cause the hair to dry out. Price according to styling. To find your nearest CareCut salon go

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Nothing shows your age faster than your hands…so it pays to take care of themEverything your mother said about wearing rubber gloves to do the washing up was right..but if you didn’t listen then here’s a few tips to help turn the clock back.

Sun Exposure is one of the worst culprits and if you have forgotten to include your hands when applying sunscreen then it’s likely that you’ve got a few brown patches (hyper pigmentation).  These won’t simply fade by themselves…they need help, so check out Lumecca, an intense pulsed light treatment which stimulates the regeneration of cells, plus it boosts collagen, all of which helps to even out your skin tone.  A course of 3-6 treatments spaced 10 days apart will get best results.  From £150 a session.

If your hands are wrinkly and the skin is thin then you can consider the Vampire Lift.   It’s exactly the same as the Vampire Facelift beloved of Kim Kardashian, but it works brilliantly for the hands too.  A vial of your blood is taken and put into a machine to separate the youth-boosting plasma, which is then injected into your hands, stimulating collagen and improving skin quality.  Results last up to 18 months and prices start at £500.

You could also consider a Fat Transfer  which is a popular way to rejuvenate the area.  Fat is taken from another area of your body, treated in a machine, and then injected into the hands.  Results can last up to 5 years.  Cost from £2800.

If you have no fat, then dermal fillers can be used.  Cost is around £550 and the results will last for about 12 months.

My top tips:

· Wear those rubber gloves!

· Always wear sun protection on your hands…even when driving

·Invest in a good hand cream…I love Nourish’s Kale Anti Ageing Hand’s intensely hydrating and smoothing.

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If you are looking for cutting-edge skincare, but at very reasonable prices you could do worse than check out your local supermarket because places like Tesco, Aldi and Waitrose are offering a viable alternative to luxury brands.

Products from many different brands are sent to me every week and before I write about them in my columns, each product is rigorously tested to make sure that the manufacturers claims actually do shape up and these are the products from the UK supermarkets which I can highly recommend:


Asda is so confident that its Nspa skincare will make you look younger after using it for four weeks, that it’ll give you your money back if you don’t!

Their Nspa Expert Rejuvenating Serum costs £10 but the quality is that of a premium brand.  It is a lightweight serum to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which has been formulated with a blend of anti-ageing active ingredients including crocus chrysanthus bulb extract and millet seed extract.


Their new My Skin Matters collection, along with its vegan skincare line Source of Nature, are launching shortly and contain some of nature’s best and most hardworking extracts such as shea butter, white and green tea, apricot and almond oils.

Source of Nature Anti Age Night Cream only costs £4.50, which is incredible value for this super-hydrating cream.  It uses top grade natural ingredients found in designer night creams so now’s the chance to regenerate and remoisturise your skin at a fraction of the price.


Aldi’s popular Lacura Cuvee Royal skincare range is now back in stock following a sell-out success last year.  Ingredients include French grape champagne extract and QT40, a dermis activator known for is skin rejuvenating properties.  There’s a terrific new eye cream – Lacura Cuvee Royal Eye Cream £5.99 – which is perfect for tired eyes in need of a little lift.  It’s light and non-greasy but it will moisturise, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and slow the skin’s ageing process


They have a new cleanser – Waitrose Pure Hydration Hot Cloth Cleanser, £5. – which is fabulous.  It has been specially formulated for dry, sensitive and mature skins, is fragrance-free and enriched with cotton milk and cotton seed.  The muslin cloth provided gently removes make-up and impurities, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh.



Hyaluronic Acid is the mainstay of Scosmetics Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream, supported by ceremides and sun protective filters UVA, UVB and SPF89 to help defend skin from environmental damage.  It is a rich cream and costs £5.


This supermarket has a terrific body butter for £3 which helps soothe dry areas while leaving skin hydrated and smelling of exotic coconut, magnolia and amber.  Check it out for yourself.  MySpa Coconut and Frangipani Flower Body Butter Lotion


Cien Gold Face Cream Day is a real beauty bargain as it costs £3.49.  It is paraben-free but has an SPF15 to ward off sun damage.  It also has 1% gold too which helps boost skin firmness.

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Your hormone levels can begin dropping 10 years before your final period and then you can say goodbye to plump, problem-free skin and hello to weight gain and hot flushes.

It is all down to the shift in balance of the key hormones cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone so rather than just accepting the ‘Change’ it makes sense to get yourself checked out to see quite how bad the problem is because the correct hormonal balance can help delay the signs of ageing.  At our Clinic we have a test which measures these key hormones and one of our experts can advise on diet and lifestyle and prescribe supplements to rebalance you and get the spring back in your step.  Cost is from £499.

And more Good News.  After the menopause, 30% of your collagen is lost causing your skin to thin and sag.  Just what you wanted!  But luckily treatments are being devised all the time and one, HIFU – a revolutionary non-invasive treatment – can treat brows, neck and jowls.  It stimulates collagen, with no downtime and improvements continue for six months.  The results last for 12 months.  We recommend 3 sessions a year to keep your skin firm and lifted.  From £500 per treatment.

My tips:

  • Yes, I know you have heard this before but what you eat can significantly improve your skin.  Healthy fats matter so stock up on oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds, wholegrains, oats and brown rice.
  • Keep hydrated, but that doesn’t mean more coffee.  Switch to green tea instead as it is high in antioxidants.
  •  Search out products which aid collagen formation.  Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Stem Cells help retain moisture.  I developed StemCellutions Miracle Serum for just this purpose.  £50
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Ever heard of a ’ninkle’?  Believe it or not, knees get wrinkles too and they happen because as we get older our collagen stores deplete and skin tone slowly goes south.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because developments in the world of cosmetic surgery mean that we now have many choices.  BodyTite  for instance.  It can spot-reduce stubborn fat, and tighten and firm loose skin.  You will notice the difference after one treatment with the best results coming three to six months later.  The results are permanent and prices start round £2000.  You will need to wear support stockings over the area for up to three weeks.

You can also try one of the new generation Chemical Peels.  Acids lift away the dead skin cells and trigger a chain reaction..sending signals to the living cells below to multiply, increase collagen and  boost hyaluronic acid production.  Takes about 20 minutes and one treatment instantly brightens the area..but a course of 6 treatments is longer-lasting.  Cost is around £80 per peel.

But the latest surgical innovation is the No-Knife Knee Lift.  Elasticated threads with little cones are inserted to grab the tissue and encourage the body to produce collagen, so the skin becomes tighter and smoother.  It takes around 45 minutes, under local anaesthetic, and the results are immediate.  You will need to allow for at least a week’s downtime though as there may be swelling or bruising around the injection site.  Cost is around £2000 and the effects last for around 18 months.


My top tips:

  • Exercise is good.  Swimming, cycling and running will help burn fat and tone up the legs.  Squats and lunges add definition to the muscles above the knees for support.
  • Gentle exfoliation and massage with body cream will improve skin tone.
  • Fake tan can instantly make skin look firmer and slimmer.  Go for one which has good moisturising qualities too.  Try St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Lotion RRP £18

  • Good nutrition helps long-term skin tone…so watch what you eat!
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And they’re as light as a feather…

Larger implants are heavier and put more strain on breast tissue, causing sagging, poor posture, and back pain so some uplifting news for women is the introduction of new ultra light breast implants called B-lite. Breast implants have pretty much stayed the same weight for years, so this is a break through for women who need want implants but don’t want the extra weight. Even better, this means the lighter they are, the slower the sagging process.

Procedure: Standard implants are usually made from a tough silicone shell with silicone gel but the latest B-lite implants are 30 per cent lighter than conventional ones. Ten years in development they are made from a gel containing tiny hollow microspheres made from borosilicate – an ultra-light but super-strong material used in Nasa’s space shuttle. However, surgery using these new implants will set you back around £6,500 but results will last significantly longer than the standard eight to ten years.

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