*Swollen ankles?  Keep them elevated them, and try peppermint enriched creams which will give relief from swollen ankles –   try Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue £9.50 from all branches.

*Forget that old wives tale that nails need to breathe. They get their nutrients and oxygen from the blood stream. A nail polish will help hide discolouration. If nails are very brittle choose one of the new ‘healthy’ varnishes which contain oils and vitamins to strengthen and condition. Try Sally Hansen Colour Therapy range £8.99 which contains argan oil to feed the nails or use a base-coat like Nails Inc NailKale Superfood Base Coat £15 from most department stores.

*For an extra hydrating hit, pamper dried out feet with a weekly foot mask. Try Starskin Magic Hour Foot Mask Socks (£9.99

*If you suffer from painful feet there is a new breed of experts called MSK (musculoskeletal) podiatrists specializing in feet niggles and how feet interact to help prevent and manage common complaints  – for more info see.

*Give your feet some water therapy in the shower- simply blast them with warm water which helps improve blood flow or cold water to reduce inflammation.

*Yoga and Pilates are both excellent for exercising feet but you can stretch your toes yourself – simply put the fingers of your opposite hand in between your toes to gently stretch them apart. Hold for 20 seconds and then gently press toes downwards so you can feel a stretch in the toes and the top of the foot. Or you can buy Toe Stretchers £14.95 from

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Usually caused by badly fitting shoes, there’s nothing that’ll age your feet more than a pair of whopping great bunions.

Just ask Victoria Beckham. The official name for a bunion is hallux valgus and it develops when the big toe becomes angled inwards, towards your other toes.

Action: You can try bunion pads to relieve pressure, special insoles and painkillers. If they become very swollen and painful, your only answer is surgery to remove the bunion and realign the bones. What was traditionally considered a painful procedure can now be safely carried out as a one-day operation, under local or general anesthetic. Called a scarf and skin osteotomy, it involves removing some of the bone and then realigning it preserving the joint. The procedure is available on the NHS or privately, when you can expect to pay around £4k. Ask your doctor for a referral.

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There are over 250,000 sweat glands in our feet producing up to half cup of sweat a day.

Excessive sweaty feet – the medical term is hyperhidrosis – can be extremely embarrassing but is easily treatable.

Action: Use talcum powder after you shower and throughout the day, as it’s great for controlling humidity. Wash fee regularly using tepid water. Try absorbent and odor fighting shoe insoles, but the best cure is Botox. A few strategically placed injections can stop sweating at the source, and results can last four months or more. From £250.

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The Psychology of a Smile

Sometimes there are some stories which get into the media and which immediately go global…and then there are others which, although they are factually fascinating, get buried under the avalanche of information which is out there on a daily, if not hourly basis.

One such story which falls in the last category, was the fact that if you smile, it immediately makes you look, and feel, happier.

It seems that this works because our facial expression sends messages to the brain, which triggers signals to the regions that process emotions.  The clever boffins at  the University of Tennessee ran a study which seemingly proved the correlation between the the upward curve of our lips and the degree of happiness experienced…and apparently it didn’t matter if the smile was huge grin, or just a slight twitch.  It even worked when the person was holding a pen to curl their lips upwards.  The full review is published in the Psycological Bulletin Journal.


I found the whole subject really interesting, particularly because, on a daily basis, I see patients who hate the fact that they look so miserable and glum all the time….and my first words of advice are for them to learn to smile more…because when we smile, not only do the corners of the mouth go up, but the eyes ‘soften’ and the overall look is gentler and warmer…and more appealing.  That’s Step One.

Step Two is to consider treatment to address any Marionette Lines…those are the lines which run from the corner of the mouth to the chin.  We all get them eventually, because it is part of the natural ageing process as gravity takes control of facial muscles….but that doesn’t mean that we have to live with them. Cosmetic surgery procedures can work wonders these days. There are plenty of non-invasive treatments around, as well as full-on face lifts….but as long as the lines are not too deep I have found that a couple of Threads can lift the area successfully and stop the droop any further.  The results can be astounding on the happiness-scale!

Just remember that it is not a forever solution though, as threads last for about 18-24 months but if you keep smiling in the meantime, who knows…you might just train those facial muscles to stay in the right place!

So, if Marionette Lines are making you glum, then come and see me…and let’s see what we can do to cheer you up.  0207 436 4441.

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Wake up Sleep Deprived Skin with CBD!

No, I dont mean we should all sneak off and take a puff or two of any illegal substances (honest officer!) but if you are going through a bad patch of not sleeping properly then CBD might just work for you.  As most of my followers know, I was converted to CBD oil a while back, using a few drops under the tongue just before bed,  but I wanted to test out the skin-calming properties too.  The therapists in the Clinic had great fun trying out one product after another …we use MariPharm because it is the purest and the best….and voila, The Magic Lift CBD Facial was born. 

It is perfect to give your skin an instant jolt of energy, great for softening the look of tiredness, detoxing and putting a glow back into your complexion. This brand new facial uses one of most talked-about cosmetic ingredients, Cannabidiol (CBD), a substance found in the cannabis plant…this is non-hallucinogenic and is legal.   The use of quality, whole- plant extracted CBD has a hugely beneficial anti-inflammatory, calming and protective effect on the skin. It won’t block pores, is rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E and essential fatty acids to help calm and soothe stressed skin. Even better you’ll see immediate results. 

Before the facial begins, 3 drops of  CBD oil are given under the tongue, which act on the brain’s serotonin receptors to relax and calm. Next, the skin is double cleansed, followed by a relaxing, deep tissue massage using more CBD oil from MariPharm, concentrating on key pressure points.  Finally, an anti-stress mask is applied for 15 minutes, removed with a floral tonic, before finishing with a light film of MariCreme to seal and protect.  Hello glow!

Our celebrities have been trying it and we have had some terrific reports, so if you want to see for yourself, you can book the Magic Lift CBD Facial on 020 7436 4441.  It costs £120.

And if you want to buy the products then go to

Quote code HSSC and you will receive a 15% discount off your entire order.

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Over sixty per cent of us have spider veins on our feet which can spoil the look of a strappy sandal.

Action: Cover with a fake tan or try a good Corrective Foundation like Dermablend £16, from most chemist. For an effective and more permanent solution IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is the best treatment. During treatment, they are zapped by an intense pulsed light and the veins collapse and are then absorbed by the body. You may need three to six treatments to completely remove them but do not have IPL five weeks before or after a sun holiday as the light targets the pigment in the veins and you could   risk getting hyperpigmentation. Always wear a minimum SPF 30 after treatment.  Costs vary but expect to pay from around £100 per area.

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As we get older rogue hairs can suddenly sprout all over the feet, especially around the toes and on tops of the feet – not a good look when wearing dainty sandals.

Action: They may be an eighties throwback but hair removal creams are a good option but always go for a cream for sensitive skin.

Tweezers will do the job quickly and painlessly or try waxing and shaving, also quick and easy.

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A common problem affecting up to one in ten and usually caused by a toenail fungus, called onychomycosis.

Most types of infection are harmless but generally thrive on warm, dark moist conditions and may be caused by trauma to the nail, inflammation from an in growing toenail or untreated athlete’s foot.

Action: Good hygiene habits are essential so wash feet daily and always dry thoroughly. Most fungal nail infections can be treated at home. Ask your chemist for an antifungal cream to rub in or you could try rubbing in a small dollop of Vicks VaporRub to the affected areas daily but be patient as this method can take time. Always trim nails and file off any white spots before treating. For a hi tech laser option see, try Lunula Cold Laser treatment the latest advance treatment for fungal infections. The treatment takes twelve minutes and is painless as there is no heat involved.

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Toenails actually grow more slowly as we age, because of reduced circulation but years of   toenails rubbing against shoes can make them harder and thicker, making them difficult to cut and shape.

The condition even has a name, onychogryphosis, which is not only unsightly, but also painful when pressing against shoes.
Action: Soak feet first to make nails softer. Use nail clippers on thick nails, as these are sharper than scissors, but if nails are still too difficult to cut you may need to see a podiatrist to have them trimmed with an electronic file. If you can trim yourself always cut   the nail straight across following the natural shape of the nail and avoid trimming too close to the skin or yanking at hangnails.

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The number one foot problem is dry skin and cracked heels, made worse during summer by wearing flip flops or flatties which offer no foot support or cushion, causing a build up of layers of dead skin.

Action: The skin on the soles of our feet doesn’t have any oil glands, which is why feet easily become dried out and flaky. Use a foot file to slough off any hard skin that’s formed on your heels, the balls of your feet or the big toes. Foot files are easier to use than a pumice stone. but choose a stainless steel one, which is more effective and will last longer. File on dry skin as doing it on wet skin is not as effective.  Try Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File £24 ( which has replaceable pads for hygiene and longevity.

You must moisturise daily to prevent cracked heels and dehydrated feet.  Use a heavy-duty foot moisturiser which can penetrate the skin’s barrier more effectively – try What Skin Needs Cracked Skin Cream £8.99 ( For an added treat, slather on an extra helping, put on a pair of thick socks and wear overnight.

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