Eyebrows have never been bigger or bolder…..the right shape can open up your eyes and make your face look years younger, but when it comes to ageing brows, the biggest arch-enemy is the disappearing brow tail. 

As we age the shape of our brows can disappear at the end, tailing off into hollow temples. The tail of the brow is the part that sets off the arch, which makes eyes look youthful and sexy and without it, eyes seem droopy and tired. Thinning skin in this area will also emphasize veins at the side of the brow as well as tiny brow wrinkles.

But you can plump up the area with a hyaluronic dermal filler which when injected at the side of the temples and above the tail of the brow will restore the arch, plump up hollow temples and smooth brow wrinkles. There is no downtime and you’ll see immediate results.  From £400 from most clinics or 0207 436 4441 for more info www.harleystreetskinclinic.com



Grey or white brow hair can make your brows look like they have disappeared altogether, making your facial features look unbalanced. Camouflage using a brow powder- try Eyeko Brow Game Strong  (£18 eyeko.co.uk) an easy to apply powder with a built-in brush for natural looking brows.


*Or have your brows professionally tinted a light brown colour which will help create a frame for your eyes to sharpen your features for a more youthful look.

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If so then Intravenous drip therapy is a fast way to restore your get up and glow. The special nutrient-infused IV bags come with a menu of therapies to cure hangovers, give an instant energy boost or to rejuvenate skin. 

During the treatment, which can cost anything from £199, a cocktail of vitamins and minerals is mixed with a saline solution and slowly fed into the blood stream though an intravenous  (IV) drip or injected straight into the blood stream. The infusion used is mixed specifically for your concerns after consultation with a doctor.  

However, any IV treatments should only be given in reputable medical facilities in the hands of skilled practitioners. From £200 0207 436 4441




New research shows that 25 per cent of over-55s admit to drinking no water during the day, easily leading to dehydration, and fatigue.  Keep a litre bottle of water by your side and keep sipping throughout the day.


*Make sure you get out in the daylight for at least 30 minutes – to prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and get your Vitamin D levels checked.


*A daily probiotic can help boost digestion, immunity and energy levels. Try OptiBac Probiotics For Daily immunity  (£9.58 victoriahealth.com).


*Treat yourself to a wellbeing soak. Even just 15-minutes can boost and revive over stimulated minds. Add a few drops of Elemis Life Elixirs Calm Bath and Shower Elixir (to help de-stress and revive your soul.


*An afternoon snooze is also good for you, as regular siestas have been shown to keep energy zapping stress levels lowered.


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Weight gain, ageing and collagen loss often results in a double chin but the latest skin tightening procedure called High Intensity Focused Ultra sound  (HIFU) can help lift  the skin back into place as well as reduce fat cells. It works by delivering heat energy that can penetrate up to eight millimeters into the skin where the cells are formed, to stimulate a wound-healing response and repair collagen breakdown. You may have a little redness or bruising after the treatment but this can easily be covered and will subside within a few days. From £1500



*The most important thing to do for the condition of your skin around the lower jaw is to extend your beauty regime from your face down to your neck area.  


*Premature drooping can be prevented with daily application of a broad- spectrum sunscreen. Also use a homemade mask twice a week to help tighten skin. Mix egg white, vinegar, honey and raw milk. Apply it on your chin and neck area. Rinse after 15 to 20 minutes and then apply a super firming neck cream.


*Drinking green tea daily can also help tighten skin as it is packed full of antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory properties a can help increase skin elasticity.


*To tone your chin muscles one of the easiest and most effective ways is chewing sugarless gum.

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Can’t get into your jeans?
  TiteFX will help sort the problem.  It is a non-invasive fat-busting procedure that’s a lunchtime alternative to liposuction.  The 60-minute treatment uses Radio Frequency and electroporation to destroy fat cells and can be used on the stomach, muffin top and podgy thighs.  It feels like a warm massage and there is no downtime.   Best results are seen after six weekly hour-long treatments – £999 for a course of 6.  020 7436 4441



*Cut down on processed carbs and sugar and focus on eating more healthy fats and protein. Latest research also shows that adding a minimum of 30g of fibre to your daily diet, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, will aid weight loss.


*Whilst sitting pull your tummy to your spine regularly as this can help strengthen abs.

*If you’re feeling bloated try-sipping fennel, which is antispasmodic and helps the digestive system to relax.  


*Limit salt to reduce excess fluids and try adding spices instead.  Chilli is great for a metabolism boost.


*Once a week treat your stomach to a toning mask- to help tighten and improve skin tone – try Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay (£18 Body Shop).

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The cold weather mixed with the drying central heating can wreak havoc on your hands. The good news is that there have been some remarkable developments in turning back the clock on hand ageing.  Most treatments that can be done on your face, neck, chest, and any other area can now be applied to your hands too. From hi tech Vampire lifts to innovative laser zappers here’s my pick of the best solutions and some preventive measures you can take to restore your hands to baby soft perfection. 

Zap Age Spots with Light Therapy.  
Hands take a lot of abuse and most of us pay less attention to their care and protection. They are subjected to cumulative sun exposure and collagen breakdown just like the skin on your face, neck, and décolleté, but because the skin on the hands is much thinner sun damage will show much earlier, resulting in brown splodges and wrinkling.  A course of IPL using the latest system, Lumecca, is one of the workhorses of anti-ageing and can zap and lighten the marks as well as improve skin tone. It is a safe, quick treatment with little downtime and compared to other laser systems is inexpensive. During the treatment, an intense pulsed light is aimed at the skin on the backs of the hands and these flashes of light are absorbed by red or brown pigment in the skin, which is then absorbed by the body. The light therapy also releases energy into the skin which then stimulates regeneration of the cells, and boosts collagen.   You will see instant results after one treatment, but for longer lasting results try a course of three to six treatments, spaced at least ten days apart. However, it is vital that you use SPF 30 after the treatment to protect the new skin.

A Hand Lift without scalpels? Yes you can with the Vampire Hand Lift. . The 60-minute treatment entails having blood drawn from the arm, which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the platelets. These are then injected into the backs of the hands to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and new collagen. As ghoulish as the procedure sounds using your own blood is a safe, completely natural treatment and is highly effective at rejuvenating tired, dull looking skin The results are immediate, evening out skin tone, softening lines and wrinkles, plus boosting collagen so results will continue to improve over the following six weeks, but a course of three will keep your hands looking eternally young.

The Hand Tightener.   
Our hands actually start to age as early as our early thirties.  Changes in our hormone levels can also cause skin to become thinner, making veins more visible. To improve skin tone and sagging a laser procedure will go deeper than IPL This will stimulate tissue below the skin surface to produce more collagen and elastin – tightening the fine wrinkles in skin and leaving hands that look much smoother and more youthful. Skin-tightening devices, using radio frequency like Pelleve, can also work nicely for hands in need of tone and textural improvements.   Depending on the depth of the treatment, it can take up to week to recover but results can last up to three years if you exfoliate regularly and wear sunscreen.

Plump Scrawny Hands.  
As we get grow older, we lose muscle resulting in thin, scrawny hands.   Try the pinch test to see how quickly the skin springs back on the back of your hands.  If it doesn’t ping back quickly, then you’re already losing collagen. To restore youthful plumpness, volumising is possible by using your own fat taken from your tummy hips or even knees, which is treated in a special machine and then injected into the backs of the hands. This will instantly camouflage veins and can make hands look ten years younger. Performed using a local anesthetic, results can last up to three years, but a top up may be needed after three to four months once the fat has settled. Expect downtime of up to two weeks. Alternatively, dermal fillers can be used for hand rejuvenation – the outcome depends very much on the surgeon’s experience and skills so do go to an experienced doctor.


 Top Tips for Youthful Hands?

Preventing damage now will mean will mean better skin condition in future:

*Always wear sun protection on the back of the hands to prevent liver spots and wrinkles even when driving in the as those ageing UVA rays can penetrate glass.

*Don’t wash your hands in very hot or cold water, as you will damage the skin. Try and ensure water is lukewarm and use a milder soap that contains nourishing and moisturising oils to cleanse the skin. Always rub in hand cream for at least a few minutes after washing hand and before bedtime.

*Wear protective gloves when doing housework or in the garden and give yourself a hand facial once a week. Products that you use on your face are just as good for your hands, so exfoliate and then use a plumping mask. If your hands and nails are desperately dry then try an overnight glove treatment such as Body Shop’s hand moisturising gloves.

*The quality of skin and pigmentation marks can also be improved by the regular use of a retinoid (vitamin A) cream, which can help boost collagen and thicken the outer layer of the skin. Always use in the evening before bed as daylight can destroy the active retinoid molecules in the cream and gel.

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Chin Chiseling

Chin treatments are set to be one of the fastest growing procedures this year. Most people, particularly those in their 50s and 60s want to get rid of a double chin or want to add shape, and the results for some of the new treatments can rival a face-lift without drastically altering your appearance or needing to undergo extensive facial surgery.


Using a volumising filler will have the same effect as a chin implant and the 30-minute procedure can also reduce over-prominent chins or add volume to a small, weak chin. Results can last up to eighteen months. Cost from £450 0207 436 4414

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Until recently, surgery seemed to be the only way to change your breasts size and shape but this year non-surgical breast-enhancement will replace the scalpel. Popular across the pond and heading this way is the  Laser Bra Lift, using  lasers to create a fuller, perkier look. Unlike a traditional breast lift, in which a portion of excess skin is removed and discarded , the tissue is treated  with a CO2 laser and then placed inside the breast to provide additional support from the breast to the chest wall. This  “internal bra” lifts the breasts and creates cleavage. Fat grafting can also be used at the same time to improve the shape.

After the PIP implant scare seven years ago look out, too, for new implants containing micro-chips so that they can be easily identified. The chips store information such as date of manufacture, size and serial number and doctors can quickly determine the make and model of the implants using a special scanner.

Another new technology is the development of new 3D VR glasses for cosmetic surgery procedures, which will enable patients to see how they would look after different breast procedures from augmentations to reductions. The technology works by laser scanning body parts in 3D with an iPad, then providing simulation tools to manipulate the 3D model of the client.

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At-home facemasks will continue to be huge in 2018, using superior ingredients and giving similar results to that of a professional facial. Look out for more body specific masks for the chest, arms and breasts becoming the next big thing.

 Self-dissolving micro-needle masks are another one to watch out for – these masks contain tiny micro-needles formed from ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. When applied to the skin, these needles create microscopic pathways in the skin and over time, the needles slowly dissolve, infusing the skin with ingredients.

 Try Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Bio Cellulose Zinc Mask (£60 for 6 masks www.medik8.com) a soothing and nourishing sheet mask that calms skin and delivers moisture and hydration to the skin and great to use after any cosmetic procedures.

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The skincare market thrives on innovations. Skin quality will be the new buzzword along with products and treatments that will foster good health. Here are some key trends to look out for:


Pollution protection

Over half of UK residents (52%) are worried about pollution and would like to learn more about how to protect themselves against it. Last year saw the rapid rise of anti-pollution skincare and this will grow even stronger over the next 12 months Look out for anti pollution eye, skin and hair care. 

 Try Rosina’s Kale and Pomegranate Enzyme Exfoliating Mask  (£20 rosinaslotionspotions.com) can be used daily as a cleanser to remove pollution and dead skin cell build or as a once a week skin booster.


Toxic free skincare

 Following clean eating, and as we all become increasingly aware of the substances we are applying to our skin and bodies, the 2018 buzzword will be clean beauty and natural products.   Last year, 37% of UK consumers considered whether a product had been animal-tested before buying it, while nearly 60% of US consumers didn’t buy from a company they deemed unethical. 

Try Tropic Super Green Nutrient Boost Serum (£42 www.tropicskincare.com)


Smarter skin ingredients

*Bacterial-laden skincare using probiotics will become more popular promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the skin and help to maintain the natural skin flora, as well as cannabis skincare after research discovered how certain cannabinoids (an ingredient derived from cannabis) have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin

Try Love Hemp Body Salve £29.99 www.cbdoilsuk.com)


* Polyhydroxy acids – an exfoliant which work similarly to alpha hydroxyl acids, breaking down the bonds that hold dead cells to the skin’s surface. But their much larger molecules keep them from penetrating too deeply, so they’re less irritating than traditional hydroxyl acids and better suited to sensitive skin.”

Try Eucerin Dermopure Skin Renewal Treatment, £14.


Environmentally friendly packaging

 The cosmetic and beauty industry is not known for its eco credentials, but as we all become more aware of the harmful impact of plastic on the environment, we can expect to more plant based plastic packaging as well as glass, too.

Try Lush ‘Naked’ range, which packs the ingredient into solid bars  www.lush.co.uk

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Strictly Personal

It seems that these days there is no end to the things we are able to customise.

 Requests for labiaplasty are up by 23 per cent and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down this year. The stigma is fading and more women are looking to increase confidence and comfort for their private parts. All women experience some degree of laxity in the skin or tissues and as we get older, the onset of the menopause, along with the loss of oestrogen can also leave its mark on the vagina.  In some case, the loss of tone can also lead to discomfort during sex as well as making women self-conscious about their bodies.  

 The non-surgical procedure uses controlled radiofrequency energy and the treatment requires no anesthesia with little or no discomfort and no downtime.

 I have said it before though….it is important to do your homework and find a practitioner who has plenty of experience in the procedure you are interested in.  They should be able to show you a certificate from a training body to prove that they are qualified in that treatment.

The General Medical Council has a leaflet outlining what you need to know before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.  Visit gmc-uk.org for more details.

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