Is there is a non-invasive treatment to tighten ‘down below? I’ve noticed bladder weakness recently and I’m sometimes too embarrassed to go out. I don’t want surgery.

All women experience some degree of laxity in the skin or tissues and as we get older, the onset of the menopause, can also leave its mark on the vagina .In some case, the loss of tone can  lead to discomfort, and accidental bladder leaks making many women self conscious . ThermiVa is the latest   breakthrough treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and can help women regain and restore their confidence  The non-surgical procedure uses controlled radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue via specially designed disposable wand applicator, restoring tightness to vaginal canal. It’s a quick painless treatment and many women notice a difference immediately after one treatment but you may need up to three treatments a month apart . Results last up one year -for more information  and to see if this is right for you  see

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I’ve read  about natural hormone therapy using bio-identical hormones and I’m interested in  going  down this route rather than taking  HRT for my menopausal symptoms  which make me feel old and lethargic– can you tell me more?

After the age of 40, our endocrine system, and its various glands, start slowing down their production of hormones, the chemical messengers that tell our various body parts and organs what to do .This means less testosterone,   progesterone  and oestrogen  so balancing and augmenting these with  natural hormone therapy or bio-identical  hormones, as they are known  can often  help the body  return to a more youthful state, improving health and energy and treating other distressing  menopausal symptoms. Bio-identical hormones are plant derived  and are identical in structure to those found in the human body . Bu you  will  need a well managed  supervised programme and blood and urine tests to check your personal hormone levels before they can be prescribed.   Unfortunately, this service is not available on the  NHS, but there are many private clinics specialising in hormone therapy The prescriptions are only available privately so  you will have to pay for an initial  consultation and tests and then for monthly prescriptions. First , do check with your doctor to see if this route is suitable for you as there are many other   HRT therapies  now available. If you are still keen to go this route do contact us  as we can give you further information on doctors specialising in this area.


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If you want to turn heads this Christmas then now’s the time to start your beauty routine so that you are flawless and glowing.

Planning on wearing a low-cut back to your dress but suffer from spotty, uneven skin and bra-bulge?  Then you need a ‘bacial’…a back facial… The HydraFacial Detox Treatment which uses lymphatic drainage to detoxify; then a cleanse, peel and debris extraction, followed by a moisture infusion.  It costs £45

Combine this with the skin-tightening treatment Reaction which utilises radio frequency and vacuum therapy to contour and tighten skin and help shrink fat cell volume.  One treatment will minimise the look of lumpy skin, but four to six weekly sessions will achieve the best results.  Costs from £250.

And don’t forget your cleavage because the skin here is thinner and as it is often exposed to the sun it can age faster than facial skin.  Mesotherapy is terrific for helping to rejuvenate a crinkly cleavage.   Micro-injections of a cocktail of vitamins and peptides around the cleavage increase skin moisture naturally, helping to fade fine lines and age spots as well as boosting collagen and elastin production.  You’ll see smoother skin within a week, but for best results a course of three weekly sessions may be required.  From £250.

And to banish thigh anxiety a Leg Makeover will soon whip your legs into shape.  First, IPL – which uses intense pulsed light treatment – targets thread veins and dark patches.  Then a glycolic peel will tranform scaly skin and fade age spots.  Finally SmartXide Dot heats up the outer skin which flakes away, revealing smoother, firmer skin.  Cost £250.

My top tips:

  • Mix a couple of drops of lemon essential oil with E45 Cream and massage this into tired calves and ankles.
  • Try an IV Vitamin Drip.  It gives an instant glow.  Cost is around £200 but make sure that you choose a clinic which has medical facilities.
  • Add Epsom Salts to a bath to help with bloating as it can regulate over 300 enzymes in the body and help flush out toxins.
  • A dab of Vaseline on your heels can help avoid blisters.
  • If you have blisters already then Listerine mouthwash works as an antiseptic.   Follow up with Compeed Blister Plasters £4.39.
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Ask Lesley – How do I know my skin type?

Many people ask me this question… and here’s your answer…

Cleanse your face thoroughly, and then wait for around 30 -60minutes before putting anything else on your skin. How does it feel? If it feels tight or flaky, your complexion is dry, if you’re oily only across the forehead, down the nose, and on the chin, you’ve got combination skin; and if you need to blot your whole face with a tissue, you’re oily. If your face feels irritated or slightly itchy, you   most probably have sensitive skin. Repeat the test four times a year, because your skin often changes seasonally. Once you know your skin type it is important to use the right products including cleanser toner moisturiser and night cream.

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Stone me!

Well, as you all know by now, I have rather taken to the weed.  No…not the full-on, peace-and-love-dude spliff beloved of the cast of Hair way back when…..that was never me, because why do that when it only encourages you to eat more.  No, this is CBD oil which is a compound derived from the cannabis plant but with no THT, the psychoactive components, so none of the hallucinatory problems.. no high.
What it does seem to do is calm me down and soothe any stresses and strains, so that I can sail through the day serenely without biting everyone’s head off.  I even manage to get in a session of exercise most days without all my normal moans and clock watching… plus I don’t seem to need the usual sugar-hit afterwards, so the biscuits are still in the tin, much to everyone’s amusement.
And all this simply by taking CBD sublingual drops three times a day.
Now I know that there are a lot of claims for this compound at the moment, particularly as medicinal cannabis has just been given the green light for prescription by qualified doctors to help with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS for instance, but I can only pass on my personal experience, because since taking CBD oil I have found that life is a lot calmer.

And did I mention that I am sleeping better?  Most nights I am out at one function or another, and don’t manage to get into bed until well after midnight.  Up to now, falling asleep, and staying asleep, has been a problem, so it came as a revelation to realise that my sleep patterns had changed… I was sleeping more deeply and waking up refreshed and ready to go.
Who knew!  Well, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde and Alessandra Ambrosia for a start, who all say they use CBD for stress and insomnia and now that word is out I am sure that more top names will follow.
If you want to try Mari Drops for yourself then go to 
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Your hormone levels can begin dropping 10 years before your final period and then you can say goodbye to plump, problem-free skin and hello to weight gain and hot flushes.

It is all down to the shift in balance of the key hormones cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone so rather than just accepting the ‘Change’ it makes sense to get yourself checked out to see quite how bad the problem is because the correct hormonal balance can help delay the signs of ageing.  At our Clinic we have a test which measures these key hormones and one of our experts can advise on diet and lifestyle and prescribe supplements to rebalance you and get the spring back in your step.  Cost is from £499.

And more Good News.  After the menopause, 30% of your collagen is lost causing your skin to thin and sag.  Just what you wanted!  But luckily treatments are being devised all the time and one, HIFU – a revolutionary non-invasive treatment – can treat brows, neck and jowls.  It stimulates collagen, with no downtime and improvements continue for six months.  The results last for 12 months.  We recommend 3 sessions a year to keep your skin firm and lifted.  From £500 per treatment.

My tips:

  • Yes, I know you have heard this before but what you eat can significantly improve your skin.  Healthy fats matter so stock up on oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds, wholegrains, oats and brown rice.
  • Keep hydrated, but that doesn’t mean more coffee.  Switch to green tea instead as it is high in antioxidants.
  •  Search out products which aid collagen formation.  Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Stem Cells help retain moisture.  I developed StemCellutions Miracle Serum for just this purpose.  £50
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The CBD Stressbuster Facial

Another First for The Harley Street Skin Clinic.

As my regular readers will know, I recently posted about how a couple of CBD oil drops under the tongue, helped to take away the pain of my husband’s damaged finger.  At the time I found it hilarious, and thought he was making a fuss over nothing…but recently I tripped over a loose paving stone in Harley Street and sank rather gracefully (well, I thought so!) to the ground.  Luckily a girlfriend was with me and helped to slow the fall so I did not do any lasting damage, except to my dignity.   I was, however, rather shocked…or rather, in shock…so when I returned to the clinic I reached for the CBD drops.  Three drops under the tongue, and voila….30 minutes later I was calmer and the shaking had gone.

For those who are not aware, one of the most talked-about cosmetic ingredients this year has been Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a substance found in the cannabis plant, but without the psychoactive effects of marijuana –  so CBD will not get you ‘high’ or into a mind-altering state …but it is proving to be a useful tool in pain and anxiety relief as well as helping to reduce acne and stressed skin when applied topically, due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities.

Here at The Harley Street Skin Clinic we have been recommending CBD sublingual drops to our patients for a while as part of their overall wellness – and with good results – so the next stage was to look at the best way of using CBD oil directly on the skin as part of a skincare regime.  We  tried a few variations using willing friends and family, and again the results were very good, with reports of glowing skin and reduction of acne breakouts……which is why we have developed the first facial using CBD oil …..the CBD Stressbuster.

Firstly 3 drops of CBD  are taken sublingually as CBD has the ability to act on the brain’s serotonin receptors to relax and calm.  Then the skin is double-cleansed to thoroughly remove all debris and accumulated dirt followed by a relaxing, deep tissue massage using more CBD oil, concentrating on key pressure points, to help detox stressed skin and to restore a natural glow.  Finally a light film of CBD cream is applied to seal and protect the skin.

The brand of CBD we have been using, and selling in the Clinic, is by MariPharm because it is the purest CBD oil we tried, with a clear, yellow colour and a neutral taste.  Plus MariPharm operate according to photo-parmaceutical standards, guaranteeing a consistent CBD content.  This is important.

We only added this facial in the past few days, but we have already booked in several celebrity patients who have been delighted with the results.

If you fancy trying it for yourself the CBD Stressbuster Facial takes one hour and costs £120.00.  Phone 0207 436 4441

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Taking care of the pennies…

One of the biggest issues Nurse Kumar has is patients coming in to her clinics asking for a procedure  they have heard about.  “Women are more savvy than ever in their research,” she says.  “There is a lot of information in the media, and now television programmes that cover aesthetic procedures.”  The problem is that one size most certainly does not fit all. “It might not be the right thing for the patient so you have to be very careful not to go by just what they say they think they need.  Part of the skill is to recommend and advise so people can get the results they want.”

Tip – ‘Do your research for sure but stay open to what the expert you sees recommends; it’s more important that you research your cosmetic practitioner. 

One important aspect of being a top practitioner is respecting clients’ finances. “I tailor the plan according to their budget. If I know it’s a short term fix and they don’t have much money, then I think differently because people have a limited amount of money and I don’t want them to feel embarrassed if they can’t afford an extensive treatment plan.”

Still the most popular treatments in her practice are fillers and Botox… normally in combination. “But I do recommend peels, perhaps an enzyme peel where you just remove the dead skin to a glycolic peel to decongest the skin or for low grade acne or pigmentation.”

It’s a vastly different world from Nurse Kumar’s seventeen years spent in child protection and child health.  “If children disclosed to members of school staff, or to me, that they could have been abused, sexually, emotionally or physically,  I would get involved with the police and social services.  But I was also educating teachers on medical conditions they should be able to spot in children….such as diabetes, epilepsy and allergies and eczema.”

Tip – ‘I’ve noticed an increase in clients asking about skincare; they now prefer to buy from an aesthetic clinic than from one of the big name brands in department stores as they are medical grade and more effective.’

She gave emotional help when it came to children’s skin conditions. “One boy in particular had terrible eczema and was being bullied because he looked terrible. It was having such an impact on him.  That’s when I realised the emotional implications of how you look and it made me want to get into aesthetics. In fact one of my first patients was a lady in her fifties who had acne and it was after her sixth treatment she said that for the first time since she was fourteen she had left home without make-up, which was very heartwarming.”

As for the future, “The industry is evolving every day, every minute. There are new gadgets and new machinery but I thing you have got to be really careful when there are so many people trying to start new things all the time because it’s very easy to be manipulated into thinking ‘I’m not a good enough practitioner if I don’t have the latest machine’.  It’s not so much the machine but what you do with it as an aesthetic practitioner that makes you good.”

Reeta Kumar of Rejuvea and Harley Street Skin




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Face Firmers – The Fast Way to Plump, Youthful Skin

Skin tightening and firming treatments are one of the biggest trends for plump youthful skin. Here’s a round up of the latest non surgical  treatments and how they work.

Fast Face Firmer  
Forma uses next level radio frequency energy and can treat sagging skin on the entire face or just certain areas, including upper and lower eyelids jowls, smile lines and the forehead. It also improves skin tone and any skin texture irregularities. During the treatment a hand held device is massaged over the treatment areas, heating the dermis and tissues. This kick starts a supply of new collagen as well as contracting and tightening the layers of the skin to give a gentle lift.  It suits all skin types, has no down time and is ideal for those who prefer a natural-looking approach to rejuvenate their complexion, rather than using fillers or laser. The treatment is painless with no downtime and best results are achieved after a course of six to eight treatments.
The Ultimate Hi Tech Way to Lift and Plump
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound  (HIFU) is one of the latest ways to achieve tighter, firmer and lifted skin in one treatment.  A machine delivers a series of ultrasound pulses that bypass the skin’s top layers and goes into the deep underlying connective tissue to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and other proteins. The treatment can be used around the brows and neck as well as for overall skin tightening and rejuvenation on the face. You’ll see best results after two to three months when new collagen has formed. There may have a little redness or bruising after the treatment, but this can easily be covered and you may experience some tenderness for up to 14 days.   Results can last up to one year
Similar to having a mini face-lift, this one-off non-invasive procedure can tighten saggy skin on the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, mouth and jowls and rejuvenate the overall appearance of the face. Not for those who want an instant fix as best results are seen three to six months post procedure.    Facetite uses RF radio frequency and works by warming the skin with a fine probe that is inserted into the fatty layer just under the skin. This process does not remove tissue, but causes the skin to tighten instantly and then over the following three to six weeks new collagen is produced so you will see a continuous improvement.  You can expect up to 40per cent of skin tightening up to six months after treatment. Expect some swelling and bruising for up to seven days Results can last up to five years depending on lifestyle.
A procedure to ‘wake up’ the skin, lift features and boost collagen so skin will be tighter and fresher. Can be used all over the face including around eyes, cheeks and mouth and can help plump wrinkles, and fade sunspots and thread veins. Younger skin may only need one treatment but older skin may need up to four sessions.  A small hand held device is placed against the treatment areas and radio frequency energy is passed through a series of tiny bipolar pins, which heats the skin and causes tiny pin prick holes that the body naturally heals. Recovery is a week to ten days. Expect swelling and bruising during the first week.


*As with most ageing processes, prevention is better than cure when it comes to skin losing its taut appearance so:

* Quit smoking – it accelerates skin ageing and damages the collagen in your skin, hence the tell-tale sagging and crepey skin seen in smokers.

*Sun exposure is the prime reasons for hastening collagen loss so wear an SPF20 broad-spectrum cream that protects against UVA and UVB rays EVERY day.
*Ask a dermatologist to prescribe a retinoid cream – the gold standard for skin rejuvenation as it can stimulate collagen, keeping the skin looking plump and healthy.

*Exfoliate at least a couple of times a week.  This helps speed up skin and collagen renewal.
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The Apprentice who won with Aesthetics

Dr Leah Totton may be best known as the winner of The Apprentice in 2013, but  by doing so she not only won the backing of Sir Alan Sugar, she also was privy to his business expertise. “I’ve now got a really amazing business partner, who gave us a fantastic leg up into the industry, but building a credible medical brand is by no means done for you by winning a TV show,” she says. “It’s a very competitive industry and you have to make sure you are leading the way. And the only possible way of doing that is to offer an excellent customer experience.”

A cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Leah has established herself as her own brand with her own skincare line and two Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics, one in Moorgate in the City of London and one in Leyton in Essex.  “There are differences between the two clinics and what women and men want.  In Leyton, where sun-beds used to be very popular, there is more sun damage, so we do a lot more advanced peeling and microdermabrasion, acne treatments too and lip augmentation.  The clientele is younger as well, mainly women in their twenties and thirties in Leyton, whereas in the City it tends to corporate female professionals from say 42 to 55 for Botox and general anti-ageing rather than facials which they don’t have time for.    We see many more men in the City  and the most common treatments are Botox and hyperhidrosis, [excessive underarm sweating that can be treated with Botox].”

Tip – ‘Pollution is a huge issue for my ladies who live in cities. I recommend they use Obagi Professional 20% C-Serum to neutralise free radicals before they can attack the skin and cause ageing.

Unusually  for a cosmetic practitioner, Dr Leah still practises as a GP at a London NHS hospital two days a week. “I trained as a doctor and that is my vocation and I really missed clinical medicine. Actually I think that being a good clinician is paramount to being a good aesthetic doctor and now I’ve got a lovely balance which makes me enjoy and appreciate both.” It’s telling too that Dr Leah became involved in aesthetics when her aunt had some dermal filler done by a beautician in Derry, in Northern Ireland.  “It went quite badly wrong and although she had it dissolved she is now permanently scarred from it.”

In her clinics, however, it is thread lifts that Dr Leah sees as the treatment of the future.  “We are about to launch the Dr Leah Lift which is the Silhouette Soft Thread lift with the Obagi peel.”  For the uninitiated, a thread lift involves  – literally – a thread inserted in the lower face to lift sagging skin, creating a firmer, younger look. It will eventually dissolve but has the added benefit of increasing collagen production.  “Our other doctors do a lot of Botox and filler, as you would imagine, but I focus mainly on facial sagging and thread lifts.”

Has she had a thread lift? “I’m 29! But when the time comes and my face starts to become saggy I will definitely think about it.  But I should be good for another ten years.”

Dr. Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics – Moorgate and Leyton

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