Party cover ups!

So, the weekend before Christmas is here…everyone’s finishing work and ready to party the night away. But not all of us feel as comfortable to bare all like we did in our 20′s – so here are a few tips on disguising those bits that you don’t want on show.

Bingo wings – everyone, regardless of their age hate saggy, flabby upper arms, and this gets worse as we get older due to a loss of muscles tone and crepey skin. So, if you want to wear that strapless dress, wear it and just cover up your arms with a shrug, pashmina or a smart jacket.

Plunging necklines – Deep V necks and scoop necks with emphasise crepey skin, saggy boobs and breast fold lines. Try and round or square neck instead and you can flatter your bust by wearing a slim-fitting dress.

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