A new flu patch has been developed that could replace the dreaded flu jab. The stick on patch carries 100 microneedles that you cannot feel which delivers the vaccine and dissolves into the skin. These microneedle patches are already being used in the cosmetics industry to treat crow’s feet and join a host of other innovative patches designed to soften lines and wrinkles. Here’s our pick of the best patchwork treatments to try at home.
Radara Eye Patches –Designed to tackle crow’s feet, each patch is made from a medical-grade polymer – flexible foam that feels like a waterproof plaster – and is coated with microscopic plastic needles, less than 5 millimetres long. When applied to the skin they work to painlessly create hundreds of micro-channels in the epidermis. The patches also come with a bottle of hyaluronic acid serum which you apply first and then stick on the patches for five minutes. Use nightly for 4 weeks and clinical trials saw a 30 per cent reduction in lines and wrinkles. £240 for a four week supply see for more information.
WrinkleMD Brow Patch   – a hyaluronic acid and wrinkle smoothing peptide infused patch which delivers ingredients deep into the skin via a gentle battery powered device. Apply for forty minutes twice a week  – £139 for eight patches
Realine Frown Patches – a natural alternative to Botox these hypoallergenic patches are designed to smooth out lines as you sleep – stick on the patch and the pressure from the patch stretches the muscle.
£28 for 30 patches –
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