You might not be brave enough to slip into a pair of cutaway denim shorts just yet but   don’t worry, you soon will be !


The circumference of a woman’s ankle is usually around 11 inches but as we age the lower legs thicken making the ankle merge with the calves hence the name, but they can also be caused through being overweight, water retention or just genetics.

At the clinic: If excess fat is the problem, a laser lipo procedure like Bodytite will create a shapelier lower leg. Unlike traditional liposuction, this process is less invasive and involves inserting a small fibre-optic laser under the skin to break down unwanted fat cells. The knock-on effect of the treatment is an increased production of collagen that leaves skin tighter and results are permanent. From £2,000  Call 0207 436 4441

DIY: If you are overweight than going on a healthy diet will help you lose inches all over, including from your lower legs but this will take time and persistence.

Prevent water retention by avoiding excess salt in your diet, keeping on the move and drinking  plenty of water.



Often genetic, but can also be caused by being overweight, excessive exercise or from repeatedly wearing high heels.

At the clinic: Bbotulin toxin Type A– can sometimes be used to minimise large bulky looking calves. Dubbed Bootox, injections are given into the outer parts of the gastrocnemius muscles, reducing muscle contraction so the muscle remains in a relaxed state making it look smaller. It is essential to see an expert in this procedure to see if you are suitable. Cost from £400. Call 0207 436 4441

DIY: Exercises that tone your calves will help. Yoga and Pilates are excellent for stretching calves and reshaping legs. If legs are constantly puffy from fluid retention do see a Doctor to rule out health problems.



Some women are born with very slim calves which can look out of proportion to the rest of their body

At the clinic: Calf Augmentation can be done through fat transfer. Fat is taken from areas like the stomach and hips, prepared in a special machine and then injected to achieve a shapelier and fuller lower leg. The procedure is carried out using local anaesthetic and takes around 3 hours. The results are permanent and downtime around a week or two, with bruising up to a month. From £4,000 Call 0207 436 4441

DIY Regular exercise can help strengthen and build the calf muscles.  Using weights, squats, lunges and calf raises will help bulk up the legs along with cycling



Knee wrinkles ,known as ninkles – the saggy skin and deep grooves just above the knee – are the result of excess fat and loss of collagen through sun damage, ageing, dehydrated skin and weight loss

At the clinic: Smartxide Laser will give a great knee lift tightening the skin by about 30 per cent and stimulating new collagen. Expect two weeks downtime and results last up to five years. From £1000

DIY Good nutrition, exercise combined with regular exfoliation followed by a daily massage with a good body  cream will improve skin tone. In an emergency try some Clarins Beauty Flash Balm on crepey knees – it will temporarily smooth and improve the look of your skin.

Tightening the muscles above the knees will also help lift them. Sit at the edge of a chair and extend each leg until it’s parallel to the floor, to boost quadriceps strength.



The dreaded cellulite is the bane of most women’s lives. In fact about 85 per cent of British women over 20 suffer the condition

At the Clinic CelluTite is a treatment which goes underneath the skin to target cellulite, but is less invasive than laser liposuction. The tip is like a pen and it is inserted just below the skin to melt away superficial fat and increase collagen production .The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic. Results are seen after one treatment, but improvements continue to show for up to 12 months after the procedure as new collagen is formed. Results are permanent – from £2,500 Call 0207 436 4441

DIY Treatment Diet, exercise and massage will help improve skin tone but you have to work at it.



After months hiding in opaques, legs are prone to dry skin

At the clinic Book a course of 3 light glycolic peels at your local beauty salon, especially good for dry scaly shins, price from £60 each. Call 0207 436 4441

DIY Exfoliate weekly using a good body scrub –

make your own using sea salt and olive oil




Tiny broken red thread veins on your legs are blown-out capillaries – if you’re self-conscious about them try the following

At the clinic Sclerotherapy, small injections into broken vein which will cause them to collapse, – dispose of it over a couple of month from £200 Call 0207 436 4441

DIY Keep moving and increase exercise as this boosts circulation and will help prevent problems with veins. Avoid standing still for long periods to stop pressure in the veins building up. Don’t sit on your legs or cross them at the ankles when lying down or sitting



Most women’s thighs meet at the top but the latest craze is for the inner thigh gap – the hollow cavity which appears between the tops of your legs when you stand with your feet together which stops thighs rubbing together, dubbed the Chub Rub

At the clinic  – the inner thigh is difficult to treat and we certainly don’t agree with creating thigh gaps as it usually means you are underweight. But if your inner thighs are wobbly then radio frequency course of treatments will help firm the area From £1,000, to remove the fat try Bodytite, from £1500, depending on the area.

DIY Johnson’s Baby Powder  £1.40 works well to stop inner thigh chaffing.

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