Don’t let a Lady Moustache spoil a sexy pout. Threading is the quickest and most effective way to deal with that dark shadow above your lips – hairs are twisted between two pieces of thread and then pulled out. The treatment isn’t totally painless, but it’s quick. It can leave a temporary red patch above the lips which will go down within 24 hours. Expect to pay around £10- £20 and you will find most threading bars within shopping centres or beauty salons.

*For the most flattering natural lip colour choose a shade slightly stronger than the colour of your lips and top with lip-gloss.

*Brighten yellowing teeth with a quick lick of paint. Tint Instant White Teeth Paint (£15 is a peroxide free brush on tooth paint, rather like nail polish for teeth. It works on all types of teeth including veneers, caps and crowns you simply brush on in two even coats. It dries in 60 seconds and will last for 12 hours.

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