Plum up those Luscious Lips!

Full lips have always been associated with youth and beauty. What woman wouldn’t want a super-sexy pout like Angelina Jolie’s? Unfortunately as we get older our lips lose their pillowy plumpness and the tissue around them loses volume, too.

The good news is, there are loads of ways you can restore plumpness, whether it’s tricking the eye with make-up, applying some clever creams or paying a visit to a clinic to take advantage of the latest non-surgical techniques.


A temporary fix-┬álip plumping primers and glosses can give the appearance of fuller lips. Plumping glosses are also popular. Go for a light formula that’s moisturising and non-sticky.

Add moisture! Dry, cracked lips look thin and old, so always keep a good lip balm handy to lock in moisture. This will prevent them getting dried out by the sun in summer and by cold air, harsh winds and central heating in winter.

Make-up Miracles… cleverly applied lipstick and liner combined with a few little highlighting tricks can deceive the eye, making it look as though you have fuller lips- and it’s pretty easy to do too!

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