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Plump Scrawny  Hands

As we get grow older, we lose muscle we lose resulting in thin, scrawny hands. Try the pinch test to see how quickly the skin springs back on the back of your hands. If it doesn’t ping back quickly, then you’re already losing collagen!

To restore youthful plumpness, volumising is possible by using your own fat taken from your tummy hips or even knees, which is treated in a special machine and then injected into the backs of the hands. This will instantly camouflage veins and can make hands look ten years younger.

Performed using a local anaesthetic, results can last up to three years but a top up may be needed after three to four months once the fat has settled. Expect downtime of up to two weeks.

Alternatively, dermal fillers can be used for hand rejuvenation – the outcome depends very much on the surgeon’s experience and skills so do go to an experienced doctor.

Fat transfer for hands £3500 results will last up to 5 years, or Ellanse filler for hands from £1200 results will last around 2 years.

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