From dehydration and increased sensitivities to wrinkles and redness, air pollution isn’t just damaging our health; it’s making us look years older, too. Here’s my pollution solution..

Deep Cleansing with The Laser and Light Facial
Pollution Matter – called PM  -is a damaging mix of chemical and dust particles, which are small enough to enter the skin.  A deep cleansing profession facial once a month will help zap the nasties. Forget the quick cleanse tone and polish and tap into the power of the new ‘extreme’ do-it-all facials that deliver targeted skin treatments with results that last up to three months. Try the 90 minute Laser and Light Facial, an 8 step facial which combines ingredients including stem cells and peptides with   microdermabrasion, glycolic peel, intense pulsed light  (IPL), red light therapy, radio frequency energy finishing with a topical rejuvenating mask and SPF protection. Skin will look smoother, more radiant and more nourished, and will improve over the following month as new collagen is formed. From £499 

Peel Away Stressed Skin
New research shows that pollutant particles also cause oxidative stress in the skin by forming free radicals, which in turn cause visible ageing, the same sort of wrinkles and age spots which are also caused by too much sun A chemical peel can help reveal fresher younger skin to as well as erasing fine lines and boosting collagen production. But forget the old style peels, now there’s a new patented technology called Easy TCA Pain Control which means deep peels used for pigmentation and scarring can be carried out safely and pain free.  We call them Glow Lightly peels and best results are seen after a course of four weekly treatments – from £180 a peel.

Fight Sagging with Ellanse
Along with increased sensitivities, pollution can contribute to facial sagging and a loss of firmness. But new volumising injectable filler called Ellanse can immediately correct wrinkles and plump out hollows while also stimulating the growth of new collagen. You’ll see an immediate plumping effect but best results will be seen after six weeks as new collages is form with results lasting up to two years. From £450



Anti-pollution skincare is one of skincare’s biggest trends so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to building an effective daily skincare regime to protect skin. Ideally, anti pollution skincare products should sit on top of the skin so they can effectively shield pollutants without the risk of clogging pores and should be used before applying makeup. Look for Rosina’s Lotions & Potions Kale & Pomegranate Exfoliating Face Mask to combat urban pollution. £25 rosinaslotionspotions.com

An ideal pollution-fighting regime would be an antioxidant-rich serum followed by a moisturiser and sunscreen and a thin layer of mineral make-up.

Look for ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid as these help to neutralize free-radical damage. Niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) is another great ingredient that can restore and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, while improving skin hydration and promoting skin surface exfoliation. Always use sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher .
Up your intake of pollution-fighting nutrients. These include antioxidants from any fruit and veg, but especially greens, berries, peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots and chilli’s. Nuts and seeds are great and so is live yoghurt, seaweed and flavonoids (red wine, tea, cacao, and red fruits like cherries, currants).

Effective cleansing is absolutely vital. This is not only to remove dirt, pollution particles, and make-up, but will help unblock pores.  Be gentle and don’t over scrub. Go old school by using a flannel and a creamy cleanser or try a  sonic cleanser, but be gentle as it can make skin very dry.

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