Post Party-Burnout

If you are still recovering from Christmas and New Year celebrations and your skin is looking frazzled,  then here’s a fairytale fix which guarantees great results.

At the clinic we have a great procedure called The Cinderella Lift which transforms a tired, drawn face instantly.  It’s a non-surgical, 60-minute procedure which uses a combination of different-sized threads to lift the lower face and jowls.  We combine it with Botox and the latest skin rejuvenation treatment Xela Rederm…which helps to re-energise the skin cells.

The result?  Instant volume to jowls and cheeks, softened lines and plumper skin.  You will need to allow three to five days downtime afterwards, but the results can mimic a surgical facelift.  Price from £1800

And a couple of Home Remedies for you:

Got a spot?  Try pressing the inside of a fresh clove of garlic onto the pimple because garlic has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you wake up with a blotchy skin, break open an evening primrose oil capsule  and apply to cleansed skin.  It’s very high in gamma linoleic acid which helps reduce redness.

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