Problem Barcode Lips

You may have religiously avoided the sun or never smoked a day in your life, but perioral lines or vertical lip lines, called barcode lines, are the first signs of aging and can appear as early as your late 20’s. Talking, eating, puckering your lips or doing any of the everyday mouth movements will also accelerate the development of these lines. So how to treat.

Don’t waste your money on line-filling creams, the only way to banish lines’ or deeper grooves above the lips – the perioral area – is by a laser procedure which will quickly and safely rejuvenate and resurface damaged skin A single treatment will take around 4/5 days to heal and totally rejuvenate the mouth area. Sun protection must be worn every day after treatment Results last up to 3 years. Cost from £450. Contact 0207 436 4441

* Alternatively, Botox injected along the edges of the upper and lower lip line, will temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkling. The procedure requires no anesthesia and takes only 10 minutes but it is important to go to an experienced doctor when treating this area. From £200 0207 436 4441

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