Q + A’s from Lesley

Q; The skin on my face is very thin, even the veins on my temples show through  – is there anything I can do to make it thicker.

Your first priority is to prevent more thinning so you must use daily sun protection – even in winter and, if you haven’t already, stop smoking  – both contribute to collagen breakdown which thins the skin. Next try to incorporate vitamin C or Retina A in your daily skin care regime which can help stimulate collagen. At the clinic, Sculptra is a collagen stimulator and used to replace lost volume. It requires a series of injections and is ideal for sunken cheeks and temples and can reinflate the face by creating collagen improving skin quality.  You may need a couple of treatments a month apart and best results are seen around four months after treatment. Expect to pay around £700 for a course.



Q; I’ve heard that there is a supplement you can take for pigmentation – do you know what it is?

Ivory Caps, £21.95  (treatyourskin.com) Made with 100% natural ingredients, Ivory Caps contains an extra high potency Glutathione “Skin EssentialsTM” complex a natural antioxidant, which works with your body to promote lighter skin and reducing patches of pigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin and reducing the concentration of pigmentation in the skin. Although results can vary based on how well your body utilizes the ingredients, reports of 1 to 3 shades are possible within three months of use.


Q: When I smile, I have cord like bands running down my neck which really jut out.  They don’t look very attractive and friends joke I have a ‘Deidre neck’ after Deidre Barlow on Coronation Street. Is there anyway I can disguise them.

There are some effective neck creams around which will help support the skin’s structure- try L’Oreal Revitalift Face, Contours & Neck which is two times more concentrated in Elastin than the day cream, £9.49 Superdrug.

Botox – from £150 – can also play a big part in neck rejuvenation. Injections into the muscles that cause the appearance of these bands  – called the platysmal bands which are the two muscles in the front of the neck – will immediately relax and soften them, making the neck appear tighter and smoother. The results will last from 4-6 months.

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