Q; Can you get a ‘no-knife face-lift’ with Botox alone?

Q: I’m 37 and just started to notice the first signs of wrinkles and sagging. I’ve thought about having Botox, but I’m young and want to look as natural as possible and be able to move my face. What would you suggest?

A: At our clinic we’ve developed a treatment called Microtox, which is the sort of technique that could be right for you. Other clinics will also offer more subtle treatments like this, so do ask. We use a botulinum toxin called Azzalure and inject smaller amounts than would be used in regular Botox treatments to give the whole face a lift. You’ll need more injections than a regular treatment, but the needle is tiny so you’ll hardly feel it.

You’ll have a series of injections into those areas that are showing signs of ageing – along the jawline, around the lips and eyes, between the eyebrows and high on the forehead – which gently tightens and lifts skin, shrinks pores, erases spider veins and soften lines.

Personally, I think the results are fantastic and look very natural. You’ll still have movement and no one would ever guess you’d had a treatment. It’ll look like you’ve been on the holiday of a lifetime!



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