Raising the Bar

When exactly was it that we all stopped using soap?  I guess it was probably when liquid soaps were launched and a thousand bathrooms all began emulating top hotel spas.  And then there was the oft-quoted mantra that soap was too drying on the skin.  It’s a real shame because I can remember collecting soap from my holiday travels…how nice is that Olive oil soap from Provence…or even better, the Lavender one?

Now, in the age of ditch-plastic-at-all-costs, it seems that bars of soap are making a return.  And about time too I say, and it seems I am not alone as sales of soap are growing faster than the liquid variety.  But what of the ‘It dries your skin’ mantra?  Well, that can still be true, but if you choose a brand which has lots of oils (coconut, avocado, nuts or olive for instance), and if you avoid sodium laurel sulphate (the stuff which makes the lather) then all will be well.

What’s my favourite I hear you ask?  Well, it’s Rosina’s Goats Milk Soap. www.rosinaslotionspotions.com


All their soaps are made by hand, in very small batches and are 100% natural. Free from chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances and parabens they do not contain palm oil either.  They smell absolutely delicious and are so gentle that they are suitable for all skin types.  The packaging is lovely too.Hand wrapped in signature tissue and ribbon,  I  use them myself and give them as gifts to everyone.  Not had a bad review yet.


So, clean skin and saving the earth at the same time.  Can’t be bad.

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