Stuck with stubborn lumps and bumps which won’t disappear, despite diet and exercise?  Nowadays, it really is possible to shape and sculpt your body without spending months in the gym or invasive surgery thanks to the many new  high tech body firming and contouring treatments that will reduce fat, tighten skin and smooth cellulite.

The good thing about these new fat blasters is that most are minimally invasive so have little downtime and discomfort and can target all areas of the body, including the face and the dreaded chicken skin.

There are several different types of treatments, but they all generally work the same way.

A concentrated energy source  – laser, ultrasound radio waves, radio frequency or extreme cold – gets aimed at fat cells, which causes the fat’s cell membranes to be punctured or destroyed   killing the fat cells which are eliminated naturally by the body and, in the process, boosting collagen to tighten skin.  The very latest device, Venus Legacy, combines several technologies so can tackle fat pockets, cellulite and improve skin texture and tone at the same time.

The procedures all differ in method of delivery, cost, and results, but remember they are not a miracle cure for the obese. If you are fat all over you need to shift the extra weight first as these treatments are best for body contouring, tightening lax skin which you may have after losing a little weight and troublesome pockets of flab or bulges which simply won’t shift

A course of treatments with best results seen up to six months after when new collagen has formed along   with a healthy, low fat diet, plenty of water and regular exercise. will often achieve the best results .   Just as important is a stable weight after treatment if you want to maintain the benefits and you can also boost results by making a few  lifestyle changes…

  1. Strength training – along with regular cardiovascular exercise, a couple of sessions of lifting weights per week can help fat melting. The extra muscle you build helps burn more calories,
  2. Eat more fruit /salads – rich in vitamin C and flavonoids which will help break down fatty compounds while lettuce is rich in iron and magnesium, which are believed to dissolve fat
  3. Drink green tea – it contains antioxidants and is known to increase the body’s metabolic rate, the speed at which fat is burned.

Keep an eye on my blog over the next couple of weeks as I share with you the latest high tech body contouring methods to give your body a helping hand!



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