From boob insurance to Barbie backs here’s what we will be seeing and hearing more about of in the world of cosmetic treatments in 2015



*New Boobs? Get them Covered

Following the breast implant scare, and for women undergoing reconstructive and cosmetic breast implant surgery  a new insurance policy has been introduced. Q Medical Technologies, which enjoys one of Europe’s best surgery safety records, is providing a free two-year warranty with PolyTech breast implants for both patients and plastic surgeons. – a first for any breast implant company.  The warranty covers revision surgery  costs of up to £1,500 per implant and protects against incidents of capsular contracture, rotation, dislocation, MRSA, postoperative infections, seroman and haematoma.

*The Combination Lift

Little did she know it but Heidi Montage started a trend when she had ten procedures in one day and although we don’t agree with anyone undergoing so many surgical ops in such a short time, stacking non-surgical  procedures together will be the way to go this year. Whether it’s filler, laser and neurotoxin, a combination of therapies can deliver maximum results and results last longer. Our new Power facial for instance includes an exfoliating retinoid peel, Intense Pulsed Light (which targets brown spots and broken capillaries), microdermabrasion with an infusion of the antioxidants vitamin C and a blast of Pelleve radio frequency to firm the face and neck. From £150

A Fat Lot Of Good

* Forget fillers. This year more women will be using their own fat to add volume to their faces and bodies thanks to the popularity of fat transfer procedures. The procedure works by literally transferring fat from areas in which you have excess fat, such as the outer thighs or abdomen using a form of liposuction and after treating it in a special machine injecting it back into areas lacking volume such as in the face (e.g. sunken cheeks, hollow temples) and various parts of the body including, hands, bottoms and even calves. It can also be used to correct facial scars, to cosmetically enhance the lips and even fill out cellulite dimples.

Depending on areas to be treated fat grafting costs from £2500

The New Fat Banks

On the rise of the popularity of fat transfer,clinics will be offering fat banks which will allow patients to store their own body fat for future use. When fat is removed any surplus can be stored in a super deep freeze and can used in future treatments sidestepping the need for future fat removal procedures or the use of synthetic fillers.

*Smile, You’re On Skype

The selfie trend shows no sign of going away. We’re expecting a surge for rhinoplasty, eyelid rejuvenation and neck contouring and other facial plastic surgery procedures to improve that selfie shot.



*Chin Up! Coming soon, a new fat melting injection to reduce double chins. It works by literally melting small pockets of fat which are resistant to diet or exercise over a period of time.

*Liposuction? So old hat,  Med Contour is the latest fat melting procedure using ultrasound and massage. The high frequency sound waves warm fat cells so the fat is released while the massage then drains it into the lymphatic system. It is then flushed out of the body naturally. The treatment takes one hour and needs five to six session to shave off the inches. Expect to pay around £700

*Cellfina is a new treatment for cellulite is based on a simple idea, that the dimpling can be flattened out by snipping the clusters of tissue called septae in the fat under the skin that connect skin to muscles (much like the threads on a Chesterfield sofa that hold the tufts in place) using a new device the size of an IPhone. It works mechanically—no laser, no heat, no sound or radio waves – the device simply grabs the skin with the aid of suction and slides a miniature blade about six millimeters below the skin to cut the attachment. Already launched in the US it will be in the UK by Spring



Last year it was the Banana Roll (the rolls of fat that form just below each buttock crease) and the Buffalo hump (a build up of excess fat at the base of the neck) now get ready for latest body trends

*The Barbie Back

After Kim Kardashian’s recent nude cover for Papermag the lower back is now the latest hot spot. Dubbed the Barbie back after every girl’s favourite doll, this treatment is for women who want the perfect V-shape in the lower back. The treatment removes fat and sculpts the lower back using a combination of fat reducing and laser technology and you can even have two lower dimples From £2000


*Vacation Breasts 

In New York they, already offer a saline injection that offers patients temporary ‘implants’ lasting for 24 hours, but surgeons are now working on extending the effect to last several weeks. It’s a sort of ‘try before you buy’ approach, and aimed for weddings, parties and other special occasions where a one-off boob boost is require


*Spaghetti Junction – nicknamed because this is where the underarm fat joins up with bra bulges at the front and back  (charming!). We’re seeing much more demand to slim this area which can be done with a  contouring procedure like BodyTite.



*Eye Smiles

Korean women started this trend by having surgery to create puffy pouches of skin or ‘baby fat’ under each eye, where they are known as ‘eye smiles.’ The Koreans who seem to be leading the way in creative cosmetic surgery believe eye bags make a person look younger by making the eyes look bigger and that the puffiness is similar to the effect of someone smiling. The under eye area is very fragile and needs an experienced doctor when doing any treatment though we don’t recommend this procedure – a safer alternative here is to treat hollow eyes with an injectable

*Ping Pong Face

A nickname for unsightly lumps on the face caused by the shifting of injectable fillers. These can even be the size of a ping-pong ball. But now doctors have come up with injectable treatment or a surgical snip to smooth the lumps




Supernatural Skin

Skin products are fast becoming the most cutting edge in beauty. This year will also see the demand grow for prescription-free skincare products which offer professional results so look out some exciting new launches and trends including our favourite Jan Marini’s new Juveneck clinically proven to reduce neck lines and wrinkles

*Skincare will go cellular

The next big thing in skincare will be ingredients such as Growth Factors that protect the DNA of your skin and rejuvenate cells to make them work like they did in your youth! . Growth factors act as natural messenger proteins that allow communication between cells in our body. One way in which they work is by repairing skin that is damaged from natural aging. (although the ones in skin care are synthetic)which will   stimulate the production of new collagen and aid healing, tackling wrinkles and uneven skin tone

A Skin care Wardrobe

The trend will be to use a whole skincare system where all the products and ingredients work together rather than using a lot of different products which could counteract each other or ingredients don’t mix.

The New Super Facials

The year the look is all about natural healthy and toned complexions, a sort of clean, come-as-you-are skin, with a healthy flush, and even a few freckles which takes precedent over serious camouflage and erasing every line and wrinkle. How to achieve? Facials but forget pampering because the latest ones are all about results and will include four or five in one high tech treatments with immediate and long lasting anti ageing results with a natural glow

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