Save your Neck

TheĀ skin on the neck is very fragile and very different from the skin on your face; in fact, it is the thinnest on the body after the eye area. There is no fatty tissue and there are less oil glands and follicles to provide structure, making the skin less resilient. Losing too much weight can also make the tendons and veins stand out. Fortunately there are plenty of treatments now which target this area and they can make a tremendous difference to your appearance .

*Pelleve is an excellent non-invasive treatment to tighten and smooth the skin on the neck without downtime or breaking the bank. Using radio frequency it works by slowly heating the deep layers of the skin to produce more collagen. . The procedure takes around one hour and you should see an immediate difference after one treatment but for best results a course of three to six, a month apart recommended.

* Botox can also play a big part in neck rejuvenation. Injections into the muscles that cause the appearance of the cord like bandsĀ  – the platysmal bands which are the two muscles in the front- will immediately relax and soften them, making the neck appear tighter and smoother.

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