Shape Up!

Tummies won’t snap back into shape without regular exercise – burning fat with cardio exercise like fast walking, dancing, swimming, diet and then toning the core muscles with strengthening exercises. Remember, if you’re just exercising without changing your diet, you’ll spend a lot of time at the gym with little result.

Try these exercise tips:

*If you’re looking for killer abs like Davina’s, don’t waste your time focusing solely on crunches, since they tone just one muscle group and are not good for the spine. Instead focus on full-body exercises, like squats to overhead press as they help engage your core while working multiple body parts. Yoga and Pilates will also help strengthen and tone all the muscle groups

*A flat tummy needs a strong core and you can do this strengthening exercise when you’re sitting down. Sit at the edge of a sofa with your feet out and on the floor and hands on your stomach. Relax your thighs and turn them slightly outward, then roll back until your bra line just touches the sofa back. Pull in your abdomen and lift one or both feet off the floor. In that position, contract your abs even more as you exhale to a count of 10. Return feet to the floor, sit tall, and relax Repeat five times.

*Using light hand weights during your work out will increase the difficulty and challenge your abs muscles further.

* If you only have time for one exercise, pick the plank and hold for 30 seconds. The plank focuses on your entire core, helping you work the muscles that tighten your midsection while also strengthening your arms and legs.

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