SHERRIE HEWSON’s Wide Awake Face Lift

Sherrie had a facelift over 15 years ago and then a decade ago decided she needed further work to improve and tighten some loose skin. She decided to have the procedure in Spain. However, she had a very bad reaction to a general anaesthetic and says she nearly died while in theatre so the procedure never went ahead.

Since then Sherrie has relied on , Botox, fillers  and regular facials to fight the signs of ageing . However, she feels she has aged considerably over the last few years . She  is very self conscious of the  lines and wrinkles around her mouth and eyes  as well as lower facial sagging due mainly to her stressful lifestyle, smoking, sunbathing sessions and a previous marriage breakdown. She also has extensive sun damage . As a TV presenter and constantly in the public eye, she says it is essential she   feels confident about how she   looks. When it comes to the reasons behind her own low self- esteem, Sherrie says that while the traumatic and public breakdown of her marriage – in which her husband left her for a younger woman  – was in part to blame, she also holds the general pressure on women today to ‘have it all’ responsible. She is also aware that the TV industry is very ageist and plans to carry on working for at least another decade.

She wants  another face lift   to correct sagging and wrinkling around her lower face, but is too terrified to have a general anaesthetic.  She also does not want to go under the knife, or undergo any invasive procedure  which involves scalpels  because of  the downtime involved, discomfort and   the risk of scarring. She is now a grandmother and does not want to risk her health in any way for what she considers her personal vanity. She asked for advice on non-invasive   options which would give her the same result as a surgical facelift.

I explained that, over the last few years the cosmetics industry has seen the tide turning against invasive facial procedures, which are now perceived to be excessive and a little too obvious. At the root of this backlash is the success of non-invasive treatments and the current trend for looking refreshed and revitalized – a look so natural you couldn’t tell whether anything had been done at all.

Over the last couple of years industry  have seen huge technological advances in clever non surgical techniques which can make you look spectacular while enabling you to go to work the next day with no one being any wiser.

These softer options – are all easier and less traumatic than facial surgery and are   carried out using local anaesthetic making it a lot safer with a speedier recovery.

Sherrie’s options included a liquid facelift to address the lost volume   and laser sessions to correct sun damage,  a surgical facelift using local anaesthetic or  the best option and the most effective non-surgical facelift, the brand new Luxe FaceASwiss Lift combined with Angel PRP. This new non surgical procedure is far superior to other thread lifts  and uses a new technique that offers patients a facelift without the pain or risk of surgery and anaesthesia, is much less invasive, causes less swelling and bruising, and drastically cuts down on recovery time. The Luxe FaceASwiss Lift is perfect for a person who doesn’t want invasive surgery, but does want to look younger with results lasting longer. . During the procedure specially designed threaded surgical needle is inserted into the multi areas of the face using threads to form a trellis network to aid support. . The skin is tightened and smoothed  and the threads leave no scars, are simple to insert, cause minimal down time and require no bandages. There are immediate results and simple recovery .The Angel PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedure which involves drawing blood from the arm, separating out the platelets and then injecting them into the cleavage and chest area. Around 50 – 60 tiny injections are performed over the cleavage area.Platelets release growth factors that help the body repair itself by stimulating cells to regenerate new tissue. As well as improving the skin tone, the treatment also promotes healthy skin growth and collagen production so skin appears plumper and more vibrant.. One treatment will see an immediate improvement in texture tone and tightness of the skin. This combined treatment is a real dynamic duo.  and will not only restore facial contours to how they used to be and correct sagging but will also address sun damage and soften lines and wrinkles. The entire   procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and takes around one hour.  After the procedure, a twenty-four hour rest is required with around three to seven day’s downtime.Depending on lifestyle , results last up to three years.

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