With Christmas just around the corner, ‘ tis the season to be beautiful.

And for most cosmetic clinics and salons this month is already shaping up to be the busiest ever as women consider drastic action to get ready to party.

A new Harley Street survey shows that inquiries for   breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks are the most popular party makeover procedures but surprisingly, it’s actually the smaller tweaks that will make the most difference to a woman’s appearance. And it’s not all about undergoing surgery or eliminating every wrinkle or line but   improving   smaller areas of the face to make you even more gorgeous.

These days there are some ingenious tactics to rejuvenate the skin, restore volume and lift and reshape the features all without cutting or stitching.   You may think you need a facelift but a good cosmetic doctor will see you in a different light and instead suggest a tweak that will instantly lift your features.  So here’s our guide to the   small changes that you may not have considered which can make the difference between looking ordinary to looking fabulous.


Boost your Curves 

While most women obsess about their body curves, cosmetic doctors prefer to focus on the curves and contours of the face because that is what makes you look more attractive and younger.  In a young face, the widest part of the face is the cheeks which then tapers down to the chin. We call this shape call the ‘Triangle of Youth’, and restoring this shape, especially the cheekbones, can make women of all ages instantly look prettier and younger as well as helping to reflect light on the face, making it appear more luminescent. Fuller cheekbones also improve your lower face by raising the skin and giving it a natural face-lift, creating a narrower jawline and emphasising a beautiful triangular shape to the face. The same with the hollows under the eyes, a little filler to plump up the area can sometimes be all that’s needed to make you look younger and fresher Restoring volume also helps to improve the dimension of your facial features, as well as symmetry.

Tweak During the 60 minute procedure, called The Combination Liquid Lift, various types of dermal fillers may be used according to the facial area to be treated. A thicker hyaluronic filler is injected under the cheekbone muscle, via a tiny cannula. Local anaesthetic is used so the procedure is painless. The filler is then massaged into place which can be slightly uncomfortable as you’ll feel a sense of pressing. The doctor may even massage inside the cheek gum to make sure the filler is even. For the delicate eye area, a much finer filler is used The instant results can last up to a year. Cost from 800, 0207 436 4441



The top third of the face is often overlook, but   the most beautiful faces also have a well cared for forehead, brow and temple area. Women are always being told to hide their foreheads with a fringe but wide, smooth foreheads can actually open up the face and make you look fresher and younger. Likewise, when the temples sink inwards and lose structure, they can cause the face to be unbalanced but when they are “reinflated,” the entire face can look lifted

In fact, in a recent study to find which features people found most attractive, women were high smooth foreheads came top.  Well-arched, thick browse were also a key factor sparse, thin eyebrows were a definite ageing factor.

Tweak; Botox  can give a real lift to the brow, smooth out lines and give the illusion of a wider, higher forehead. Costs from £200 with results lasting up to six months. For hollow temples, fillers or Sculptra are often used. Sculptra involves injections of a substance called Poly-L-lactic acid, which is rapidly absorbed by the body, but effectively stimulates collagen production. It takes about six weeks for the results to show, and 3 to 5 treatments may be required, but the effects can last up to two years and gives a soft, completely natural look to gaunt faces From £500 per treatment.

For those with thin eyebrows, there are some brilliant over the counter products to help shape, define and fill in the area Try Diego Della Palma’s new Long Lasting Eyebrow Marker £14



*A new Nose 

As we age too, the supportive structure of the nose can weaken and change the shape and position so the nose can appear much longer with the tip drooping or even becoming thicker and wider in proportion to cheeks.  In fact, nasal flaws like humps and droopy tips can add years to your appearance

Tweak: Over the last year the use of injectables for nasal contouring has become a very powerful tool. This procedure is perfect for those who are unhappy with the shape of their nose, rather than the size and an experienced cosmetic doctor can fix minor nose asymmetries like bumps by filling in the depressions surrounding it to create the illusion of a more even profile. While the results are temporary, unlike conventional rhinoplasty, recovery from dermal filler injections is shorter, with less bruising. Also, the beauty of this technique is if you are uncertain about how you might look after surgery, this is an easy way to do a trial run. Botox can also be used as part of the treatment to help relax the muscle that pulls the nasal tip downward, creating a more upturned appearance, or to soften the “bunny lines” on the sides near the top of the nose. An Injectable rhinoplasty is usually performed using local anesthetic and can deliver a fast and dramatic improvement in around 30 minutes. Expect to pay from  £600 – £800 and results should last up to six months.


The Philtrium Makeover 

For those of you not familiar with this part of the human anatomy, it’s the groove just above your upper lip and just below your nose, situated between your nostrils and it’s the latest area under the anti ageing spotlight which can knock years off you.

As we age, this area flattens and lengthens so that the distance from your nose to your top lip gets longer and it can make an incredible difference to the lower area of your face. Short and well-defined philtriums are considered a sign of femininity and fertility and will also makes the face look more youthful but too little distance can make the mouth look weird.

Tweak: To improve treatments to re-establish shape and plumpness are now being used to pad out thinning philtriums and lift the area higher. Dermal fillers and fat grafting will immediately improve the structure of the top lip area but thread lifts can also be used. Done correctly a philtrim makeover can knock years off you and make the face look softer and younger. Treatments cost from £500 0207 436 4441 for more into)




Grey, blotchy skin, age spots, and broken veins can add a decade to a woman’s perceived age and even spoil the results of other facial treatments like fillers and Botox. Skin tone and luminosity are a key factor in a woman’s attractiveness and restoring a glow can make an incredible difference.

Tweak FractoraFirm is an advanced Radio Frequency treatment which targets uneven skin tone, texture and facial thread veins to restore a tighter firmer younger looking complexion. During the 60-minute procedure a small hand piece is placed against the skin which emits radiofrequency energy though a series of tiny bi-polar pins. This heats the skin and causes tiny pinprick holes that the body naturally repairs. Depending on skin condition, one to four treatments may be necessary

Visible results can be seen immediately and will continue up to six months after treatment as new collagen is formed. From £600 per treatment

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