Snacks to help you Sleep

The right snack, containing compounds that have a relaxing effect on the brain, can be the perfect sleep inducer. Scientists believe that these natural sedatives work by stimulating the brain to product calming chemicals, which promote a feeling of drowsiness. If you have trouble dropping off to sleep, eat one of these snooze-inducing snacks 40 minutes to an hour before bedtime for a good night’s rest:

Honey with oatcakes
Simply spread two oatcakes with plenty of pure honey. Honey is soporific because of its high sugar content. It boosts serotonin levels and induces feelings of tranquility, which should help you drop off. The oatcakes are full of carbohydrate, which stimulates the body to produce more of the harm one responsible for making us feel sleepy after a meal. They’re also low in calories!

Fresh strawberry and pineapple smoothie
Chop and hull ten strawberries and chop two large slices of fresh pineapple. Blend with 250ml of semi-skimmed milk. Milk contains natural opiates called ‘casomorphins’ that have the power to make you feel drowsy. Pineapple contains bromelide, an enzyme that aids digestion, which means food won’t lie in your stomach and stop you sleeping. Strawberries simply add tons of flavor – plus loads of beauty benefits, as they’re such a good source of skin-boosting phyonutrients and antioxidant vitamins.

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