For almost every surgical procedure, there is a non-invasive option which means, no downtime, minimal discomfort and a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery, most importantly, it also means no general anaesthetic and a much speedier recovery as most of these procedures, are carried out in the doctor’s clinic. The results we are seeing from non invasive treatments are revolutionary. But remember quick fixes will not generally last as long as a surgical option and sometimes surgery is the only option for the result you desire. Always see an expert for advice to address your specific needs so always have a consultation before undergoing any treatments.

60 Minute Fast Fat Burner

Treatment – IV Infusion – Fast Hike Vitdrips’ have been dubbed the new Muscle Relaxing Injections. The latest infusions are more effective than taking vitamins orally as they enter the bloodstream immediately. This impressive blend will help you with your diet! It speeds up your metabolism, which means you will burn calories much faster – making exercise more effective. One a month recommended but you’ll rev up your metabolism straightaway. From £200

30 Minute Full Face Lift

Treatment- Silhouette Soft Suture Lift. This non-invasive procedure can lift sagging cheeks jowls and brows without pain and hardly any downtime. Using local anaesthetic, tiny incisions are made near the hairline and soft sutures are inserted to lift sagging skin back into place. There may be a little bruising which can be covered with make up. Instant results From £999 Results last up to one year. 0207 436 4441

Twenty Minute High Speed Hand Lift

Treatment – Restylane injections Bony. Wrinkled hands can be plumped up instantly using filler injections in the backs of the hands. The treatment will also disguise veins, making the hands look instantly younger. From £250 0207 436 4441

Ten Minute Wrinkle Softener

Treatment – Sprinkles Microinjections of Botulinum toxin will freshen the skin and give the face a gentle lift at the same time. You’ll see the results in two to three days which will last for four to six months. From £300

Twenty Minute Eye Brightener & Tightener

Treatment – Pelleve. Time, 20 minutes. Pelleve is the ideal skin smoother for the delicate skin under the eyes. It uses radio frequency waves to stimulate collagen production to smooth and tighten sagging skin The treatment is pain free and the results are excellent, and there’s no downtime. One treatment gives instant results but a course of 6 treatments will give lasting effects with one maintenance treatment every 6/12 months. From £150 per treatment.

Fifty Minute Fast Facial

Treatment – Bespoke Red Carpet Facial. Time, 50 minutes. Ideal for a quick fix before a big night. A mix of targeted serums mixed for your skin type including hyaluronic acid and collagen protein serums are applied to the skin and driven into the skin with a blast of ultrasound waves to deeply hydrate smooth away fine lines, and give a dewy glow. Results are instant and the glow will last for up to three days. From £150

Sixty Minute Bingo Wing Banisher

Treatment – BodyTite. A minimally invasive procedure using laser technology to suck out excess fat, and then shrink and tighten the skin. You’ll have to wear a compression garment for a few weeks after but you’ll see immediate results, with best results after six months but the good thing is there’s no scarring and as long as a sensible diet is maintained after treatment the results are permanent – cost is from £

Twenty Minute Neckline Revamp

Treatment – Smartxide Laser. Topical anesthetic is applied to the skin. The treatment feels like a mild pinprick sensation as the laser is directed over the skin causing a rapid tightening of the skin and stimulating collagen production. Immediately after treatment, some redness which may last up to seven days. Improvement in texture, colour and tightness of the skin can be expected within a fortnight. Results last up to three years. From £600

Forty Minute Tummy Trimmer

Treatment – Pro Shock. Best for small pockets of fat which are diet resistant. It uses cryolipolysis – the next generation of fat freezing – and combines two technologies to break down fat and tighten skin. A small plate like device is placed directed onto the skin over the areas to be treated and then rapidly cooled. This crystallises the lipoids in the fat cells so they dissolve, and are then eliminated from the body naturally over the following weeks. Next, high-pressure acoustic waves are targeted over the treated areas to help tighten the skin.

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