Sort Stress Breakouts with a Cortisone Jab

OMG…you have just woken up and there it is, in the middle of your chin, or nose, or forehead.  A volcano…which is about to erupt. Red and throbbing.  A spot.  And just when you were planning a weekend away with a new partner, or about to start a new job..and don’t forget that society wedding in the Cotswolds.  A spot!!  The result of stress and maybe a little too much of a sugar overload…and it’s not just your waistline that suffers, the skin’s barrier can become more fragile leading to blocked pores and breakouts.

For one crazy minute you contemplate dealing with it yourself.  Maybe gently squeezing it to ‘encourage’ it to pop out all the nastiness and then heal up nicely in time for said social events.  Then sanity kicks in and you realise that you need help.

Sounds like you?  Well, it certainly sounds like me as this scenario has been played out many times, and if like me, you have been tempted to ‘deal’ with the spot and have ended up with something far worse, and a small scar to boot, then take my advice and get a professional in to administer a cortisone jab as this can reduce the size of spots in 24 hours.  And use a salicylic product on top as this helps too.   This has all helped me when I have had a breakout, and I have recommended it to many of our celebrities, who need to be HD-ready at all times. Call the Clinic on 020 7436 4441 and we can definitely help.

Tip: Anything that reduces oil production can help stop breakouts. A diet high in refined carbohydrates can increase skin sebum, so cut out sugar and eat more wholegrains, fruit and vegetables. Or try Mario Badescu’s miracle’ cult classic’ Drying Lotion. (£15.45 from  Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria and the cast of Sex and the City are all Mario Badescu fans and swear by this super-fast drying miracle that attacks spots and prevents them spreading, quicker than you could say ‘red carpet’. A few drops before bed will speed healing, dry up whiteheads and pimples, and reduce spreading of acne eruptions creating the perfect skin tone. Suitable for all skin types.

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