Last week in my blog post, I spoke all about adult acne. Now, whether you have adult acne or just spots in general… here are some spot tips for you!


If you’re tempted to treat your acne with a few old tricks from your teen years, don’t. Adult skin is more sensitive and less resilient than adolescent complexions The most important thing you can do for your skin is have a good skin routine

*Avoid anything that contains lanolin, mineral oil, or petroleum.

*Don’t use pressed powders pancake or powder or liquid foundation, because most contain oil. Use a good mineral make up, it’s anti-inflammatory, acts as a concealer, foundation, powder and sunscreen all in one*Cleanse no more than twice a day And never cleanse with harsh soaps that will dry out your skin. Since your skin is likely drier than it once was, over-washing can remove the surface oils that keep it supple

*Drinking water is crucial.  Aim for 2 litres a day to flush out toxins and increase your intake of dietary fibre

* Focus on exfoliating, not degreasing. As we age, skin’s cell turnover slows, and pores can get clogged with dead cells. Slough them away with an at-home peel.

*Never squeeze spots. It’s tempting, but when you squeeze or pick at pimples, you may be pushing the inflammation deeper into your skin which could cause scarring.

*Wash make up brushes regularly, twice a week at least

*Use a clean pillowcase. The following night turn it over and on the third night change and use a clean pillowcase and repeat.

*Avoid shellfish According to new research; they may be making you break out. The reason: Shellfish contain iodine, which is the only dietary component proven to cause breakouts in people sensitive to it—plus, they are “high androgen foods,” meaning they could contain hormones that lead to acne.

* New  research has  identified an inability among sufferers to digest saturated fats, so eliminating dairy products and all animal fats, especially red meats, may help to manage the symptoms.  Sufferers should also avoid yeast and white sugars.

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