Last week I had skin deadline – my new head-shots of which I have not renewed since the turn of the century!!

Head shots are the actors ‘advert’ if you like, posted in the casting bible, so a picture showing your current state is obligatory.

My last one was good. It looked sufficiently flattering and frankly unlike me to pass muster and appease my ego nearly 10 years ago. Plus it costs a fortune for a starving actor to hire a photographer, make up etc etc… just for one shot… so it gets put off.

Anyway, it could be done no longer, and while I had significantly upped my skin game and wrinkle armoury since my last youthful pic, I had also been lulled into a false sense of security. My adult acne has been managed beautifully and only the slight breakout and the weird onset of blackheads occasionally despite being nearly 40 plagued my facade.

Shock horror, I wake on the chosen day, after a year of deliberation, careful photographer choosing and practising my enigmatic smile to find a raft of spots framing my chin..and a tiny but present one in my lip!!! Heavens to Betsy, where on earth is the Spot Buster??

*klaxon* I’m out of it… I’ve failed to stock up due my over confidence in my ever minxy and unpredictable, hormonally challenged skin.

I empty my arsenal and begin to go to work on what is actually a couple of tiny pimples… not the huge face shape altering monsters I used to harbour which I had expertly injected by the team at Harley Street Skin to dissolve them in a matter of hours. These were too small for that sort of obliteration but obliterated they must be.

I decided to cleanse well and use a good heavy moisturiser because dry skin could make them worse. These could be covered well with make-up as they were brilliantly by a devastatingly gorgeous and youthful girl with crystal clear skin – ALWAYS the way when you have a breakout – everyone you meet is Snow White and Cinderella wrapped into one.

Anyway, the photographer did genius things with light and along with my products, my knowledge of the spots and the miracle my make-up artist did, (their finest work) and low and behold… a headshot of some usability was produced and my skin looked like that of a babies derrièr.

Lesson learnt. If you don’t have the perfect lighting, camera trickery and make up geniuses at your finger tips and are able to live only behind the camera. You better get to know your skin and be prepared for anything.


Here’s the headshot..get used to it’s going to be around for along time!!
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