Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Thin reddish lines that look as if you have been scratched usually appear on the abdomen, breasts and thighs as you put on more weight during pregnancy, causing the skin to stretch.

Not everyone is affected, but higher levels of hormones disrupt your skin’s protein balance, making it thinner than usual. Stretch marks may take time to fade after pregnancy. Try you can try to minimise them by avoiding putting on weight too quickly, rubbing oil or cream rich in vitamin E over your abdomen to keep it supple, eat well, your baby will take everything it needs from you, so a good balanced diet is essential. Eat a varied diet to get the vitamins and minerals and nutrients you and your baby need. Good foods to include are Avocados for Vit E, Sweet Potatoes Vit C and E, Green Tea full of antioxidants and Blueberries Vit C to help with collagen production.


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