Switch on to latest hi-tech gadgets and gizmos to help boost your beauty and anti ageing routine this year.
From wrinkles smoothers to supersonic cleansing brushes, the latest dynamic devices use cutting edge technology usually found in salons and clinics to deliver professional results at home.
Easy and convenient, at home gadgets can work out a lot cheaper than having professional treatments and are also great for maintenance, so if you’ve already had professional laser hair removal, for instance, the DIY version can help you maintain the results.
Remember though you need a little patience and dedication when using these mini marvels as the energy used is usually, not as strong as in salon treatments for safety reasons.

Here’s our round up of our favourite hi tech tools;
(Do check gadget instructions carefully as some may be off limits if you are taking certain medications or have any particular health/ skin issues)

Best for A Face Lift
Try: Silk’n Face Tite – £129 (currentbody.com)
How: The ultimate anti-ageing device comes with a special slider gel to help the device glide across the skin and uses three types of energy (LED light energy (red LED light), Bi-Polar radio frequency and Infrared radiation) to boost collagen production, lift and tighten saggy skin, improve skin texture and soften lines and wrinkles. The small handset is easy to use – just simply massage over the face twice a week for ten weeks (minimum of fifteen minutes).

Best Spot zapper
Try: Tria Acne Clearing Blue Light £195 (triabeauty.co.uk)
How: Using blemish busting blue light therapy which penetrates deep within the skin to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source and help prevent future breakouts without aggravating the skin. Gentle enough to use every day – simply glide the tip of the handheld device over the affected areas for five minutes once daily or two and a half minutes twice daily. Recommended for mild or inflammatory acne only.

Best Facial Massager
Try: Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller-£28 (cultbeauty.co.uk)
How: No electric buzzing required for this hand held jade roller- just a little bit of elbow grease to master the art of rolling the device around the contours of your face. Like a workout for the skin, the healing properties of jade- a cleansing stone long used in Chinese medicine to help drain and detox the lymph system – combined with the deep massaging action can help transform skin as well as lift and tighten facial contours. Also good for eliminating puffiness and toning facial muscles. Store in the fridge and you can use on your temples to ease headaches and hangovers. Regular use can also help minimise spots around the chin and jawline caused by toxin build-up. Use twice a week or more for around fifteen minutes.

Best for Hair Removal
Try:Illuminage Touch Permanent Hair Removal- £299 (boots.com)
How: Combines both IPL (intense pulsed light) and RF (radio frequency) to reduce 94 per cent of hair on the face and body on all skin colours in only one series of treatments (seven treatments in six weeks). Fast, a full body treatment can be done in 30 minutes and easy to use, you simply use a hand device to deliver targeted pulses of energy to treatment area.

Best Skin Exfoliator
Try: PMD Personal Microderm £135 (dermacaredirect.co.uk)
How: Similar to a professional microdermabrasion treatment, the device uses spinning disc technology and aluminium crystals to exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cells and clearing oil and dirt from clogged pores leaving skin polished and clean so it can absorb skin products more effectively. Use once a week – test on the back of hands first to find the best level of pressure for your skin type.

Best for Skin Polishing and Cleansing
Try ReNew Lab’s Sonulase Age-Defying LightBrush – £180 (cultbeauty.co.uk)
How: The first ever three in one cleansing device uses an oscillating brush to deeply cleanse skin, anti-ageing Red Light therapy to kick start collagen and an automatic self cleansing UV Cleanlight (used to disinfect dental and surgical instruments), to fight off any lingering bacteria from the brush every time you use it. For best results use morning and evening and twice a week use the red light only to target wrinkled or saggy areas.

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