The 5:2 Make-Up Diet

The 5:2 diet has revolutionized the way many people eat… but now the same principle is being applied to skin care.

Many people have seen the difference that just two days of reduced calories can make on their waistlines, and now the 5:2 (or fast) diet has become the latest beauty trend too!

But instead of watching the food you eat and what you put inside you, the 5:2 skin diet is all about what you put on the outside, onto your skin.

The diet follows the same tradition as the food diet, but instead you have two make-up free days a week. They can be consecutive or non-consecutive and is reported to drastically improve your skin.

Some celebs – Gweyneth Paltrow – go make-up free regularly! 

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Some people have seen results and found their skin has appeared healthier after just one month of trailing the 5:2 skin diet.

As you  know, I am a huge fan of mineral make-up and a recent survey has revealed that two-thirds of British women wear make-up every day… so this simple regime may be tougher than it sounds for some of us. Therefor, I recognize that going make-up free two days a week might not be possible for everybody… so if you’re struggling, try some mineral make-up for the two days each week. Its a lot softer on your skin and looks beautifully natural too.

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