For over two decades their faces and bodies have been the envy of women everywhere and in the fickle world of fashion when youthful beauty is everything, they should, by now, be well and truly past their sell by date. Or are they….?

Linda Evangelista


She’s still got it! Mother of one Linda, now 49, is eclipsing many of today’s teenage rivals with her remarkably youthful and wrinkle free looks. One of the original 90’s supermodels, who coined the phrase ‘We don’t’ wake up for less than $10.000 a day, the iconic beauty has always said she will age gracefully but recently admitted that when the time’s right she won’t be against a nip and tuck. “I probably will have surgery, not right now but I am getting close. If it’s important to me I will have it. I have wrinkles. I look my age. I don’t care how old I look but I want to look good.” And she still does. A yoga devotee, her timeless beauty has barely changed over the years. She clearly follows a great skin care routine, as she has that ‘supermodel glow’, her lips are still nicely defined but it looks to us as if she may have had a little filler injected in those plump rosy cheeks. She’s also admitted she uses Botox but likes to keep movement in her face so she most probably has what we call Sprinkles where we inject tiny amounts – usually 60 per cent less  – of the toxin into multiple areas of the face and forehead for a softer, more relaxed look which means you   retain all facial movement. can show emotion and even raise brows effectively.


Cindy Crawford


Spot the difference! Her days as one of the most sought after models may be over but at 48 mother of two Cindy looks younger than ever. Her age defying beauty proves she is still one of the most beautiful women in the fashion industry but how has she managed to hold back the years and stay looking so incredibly youthful? She’s admitted she has Botox regularly to soften any fine lines and it’s been administered incredibly well as she looks so natural, no frozen face here!  But then having graced over 1000 covers, she also knows a few beauty tricks. Her flawless complexion may be the result of regular microdermabrasions and she clearly wears SPF every day as there’s no sign of any sun damage. Cindy has her own skincare range called Meaningful Beauty which she created with Paris based cosmetic doctor Dr Jean Louis Sebagh so she is also well aware how important great skin care is. As she says: “When a 35 year old starts taking care of her skin, she won’t look any different. It’s when you’re my age that you start seeing the payoff.”


Tatjana Patitz

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 09.41.47

One of the original five supermodels photographed for British Vogue’s iconic Supermodel cover in January 1990, 48 year old German born Tatjana –stood out with her catlike eyes and perfect bone structure. While the other models like Naomi, Cindy  & co have maintained their high profile, Tatjana, has since been dubbed the ‘forgotten supermodel. But her striking looks are still very much in evidence and she has barely aged over the years, still looking fresh and youthful. Her great bone structure is an asset when it comes to holding back the years and she clearly hasn’t had any injectables or Botox. Instead she has most probably maintained her radiant complexion with regular hi-tech facials, maybe dermaroller treatments  too , which encourage collagen production to keep the skin nice and plump,  along with monthly peels which gets rid of the dead skin cells and is the secret of many a supermodel glow.


Naomi Campbell

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 09.44.52

She may be turning 45 this year and but after three decades of modelling   the Brixton born catwalk queen still looks incredible – in fact if anything she looks better now than she did a decade ago. With naturally  high cheekbones, full pouty lips and chiseled jaw her face has barely aged which she puts down to taking good care of herself by eating healthily, drinking plenty of water, staying away from sugar and regular detoxing – she drinks juice   for two days every week. She’s also a big fan of regular exercise   and claims her skincare secret is using serums rather than moisturisers and eye creams. She insists she hasn’t been anywhere near a syringe or scalpel saying  “I’m fed up with people saying I’ve had surgery and lipo. I don’t need it because black don’t crack.” She later told Piers Morgan she’d only get surgery if something happened to her flawless face. “If I had a bad accident, then sure. But otherwise, no” So how does she defy time? She attributes her youthful good looks down to good genes and claims her grandmother still has only one wrinkle. We believe her but to maintain that incredibly smooth line free complexion it is still possible she may have had some Botox on the q. t. …


Christy Turlington

Christy T

Another supermodel who seems to have defied the effects of time and gravity without being injected, filled or pulled. Has she been living in a vacuum we wonder – no sign of sun damage, no polluted skin and after 30 years of supermodelling, the 44-year-old mum of two has barely gained a line on her face or an inch on her waistline. She claims she hasn’t had anything done, or ever will, and puts her natural good looks done to being healthy, regular Yoga sessions- she’s been doing it for 20 years – and seasonal juice cleanses.” I’m not afraid of aging,” she says. “I would absolutely not do Botox. It actually makes me feel happier about my face when I look at people my age who’ve had it.” She says that looking good is easily achieved by anyone with the right attitude: “I think each woman has her own relationship to beauty’ though she’s recently moaned that her neck is not so good. “I’ll have to wear turtlenecks “ she says. We think a procedure called Necktite would help her. It uses radio frequency and aspiration to zap fat under the chin as well as tighten and sculpt the jaw and neck area. Only one treatment is required and results are seen immediately with an improvement over the following six to eight weeks as the skin tightens and new collagen is formed. But her long oval shaped face certainly helps her in the beauty stakes, Her high cheekbones, full wide lips and wide set eyes h all add up to what we cosmetic doctors call the perfect proportions for a beautiful face.



Want to look as good as a supermodel? You can with today’s cutting edge treatments and soft beauty fixes  – we recommend

*The Harley Street Power Facial, which includes an exfoliating retinoid peel, Intense Pulsed Light (which targets brown spots and broken capillaries), microdermabrasion with an infusion of the antioxidants vitamin C and Pelleve radio frequency to firm the face and neck, Results are most visible in the 48 hours after treatment. For an effect that lasts about a year, four to five monthly treatments are needed – from £250

* Our temples are often overlooked but as we age they get hollow from a loss of fat causing blue veins to show through and gently filling this area can be as good as a facelift. We use Sculptra, a collagen stimulator which is injected and can reinflate this delicate area to replace lost volume, boost collagen levels as well as helping to improve skin quality. You may need a couple of treatments a month apart and best results are seen around four months after treatment. Cost from £750

*Get complexion perfection with an injectable called Restylane Booster which is more about correction than plumping and filling, as it revitalizes skin by placing lots of tiny injections under the skin’s surface to restore moisture balance. One session lasts up to 9 months You may be a little red at injections sites but easily covered with mineral make up From £350

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