The Apprentice who won with Aesthetics

Dr Leah Totton may be best known as the winner of The Apprentice in 2013, but  by doing so she not only won the backing of Sir Alan Sugar, she also was privy to his business expertise. “I’ve now got a really amazing business partner, who gave us a fantastic leg up into the industry, but building a credible medical brand is by no means done for you by winning a TV show,” she says. “It’s a very competitive industry and you have to make sure you are leading the way. And the only possible way of doing that is to offer an excellent customer experience.”

A cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Leah has established herself as her own brand with her own skincare line and two Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics, one in Moorgate in the City of London and one in Leyton in Essex.  “There are differences between the two clinics and what women and men want.  In Leyton, where sun-beds used to be very popular, there is more sun damage, so we do a lot more advanced peeling and microdermabrasion, acne treatments too and lip augmentation.  The clientele is younger as well, mainly women in their twenties and thirties in Leyton, whereas in the City it tends to corporate female professionals from say 42 to 55 for Botox and general anti-ageing rather than facials which they don’t have time for.    We see many more men in the City  and the most common treatments are Botox and hyperhidrosis, [excessive underarm sweating that can be treated with Botox].”

Tip – ‘Pollution is a huge issue for my ladies who live in cities. I recommend they use Obagi Professional 20% C-Serum to neutralise free radicals before they can attack the skin and cause ageing.

Unusually  for a cosmetic practitioner, Dr Leah still practises as a GP at a London NHS hospital two days a week. “I trained as a doctor and that is my vocation and I really missed clinical medicine. Actually I think that being a good clinician is paramount to being a good aesthetic doctor and now I’ve got a lovely balance which makes me enjoy and appreciate both.” It’s telling too that Dr Leah became involved in aesthetics when her aunt had some dermal filler done by a beautician in Derry, in Northern Ireland.  “It went quite badly wrong and although she had it dissolved she is now permanently scarred from it.”

In her clinics, however, it is thread lifts that Dr Leah sees as the treatment of the future.  “We are about to launch the Dr Leah Lift which is the Silhouette Soft Thread lift with the Obagi peel.”  For the uninitiated, a thread lift involves  – literally – a thread inserted in the lower face to lift sagging skin, creating a firmer, younger look. It will eventually dissolve but has the added benefit of increasing collagen production.  “Our other doctors do a lot of Botox and filler, as you would imagine, but I focus mainly on facial sagging and thread lifts.”

Has she had a thread lift? “I’m 29! But when the time comes and my face starts to become saggy I will definitely think about it.  But I should be good for another ten years.”

Dr. Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics – Moorgate and Leyton

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