The Changing Face of Beauty

If it feels good – do it! Or so says a new study by pharmaceutical giants Allergan. According to their latest research women today choose beauty products and cosmetic procedures to improve how they feel, rather than simply how they look. A key finding in the global survey found that “beauty is no longer driven solely by a desire to look younger, because women nowadays want to control how they look as a way to change how they feel as an individual .”
The shift in attitude is also reflected in another major study by personal care brand Dove. Results from their most recent research,one of the most comprehensive,shows that low body confidence is a global issue and that women around the world want a new beauty definition.
But on a more positive note,the Dove statistics also found that 77per cent of women think it’s important to be themselves and not mimic others while an even higher percentage don’t want to adhere to someone else’s idea of beauty and think that all women are beautiful in some way.
My advice ‘Be the best you can for the age you are.”

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