The Cost of Looking Good!

Most women admit to telling little white lies to their partners about the amount of money they’ve spent  following an expensive shopping spree.

But perhaps we won’t need to for much longer.

Because for the first time British men are spending more than women on looking good items.

According to a new survey, it seems ‘mansumers’ are now out spending women each month by around £5 on beauty grooming essentials like haircuts, fitness supplements and even cosmetics.

One sixth of the men surveyed also admitted to wearing make up and more than two fifths shelled out nearly £20 a month on beauty and grooming products while 14 per cent splashed out on regular manicures and pedicures.

The study carried out by thinkmoney also revealed that 15 per cent of men also forked out on  other beauty essentials  including facials, hair removal and eyebrow threading bringing their total potential monthly spend to over £202 –  around £5 more than the total  women spend on the same things, £197.00

The figures show that the stigma associated with male grooming has finally disappeared and men are not only willing to spend money to maintain their looks they are also regularly visiting salons and spas for groomed eyebrows, flawless complexions and manicured nails.

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