Fat or thin, short or tall, the dreaded cellulite is the bane of most women’s lives. Supermodels, athletes and pop icons …no one is immune.  In fact about 85 per cent of British women over 20 suffer the condition and there’s even evidence of it in paintings from as early as the 17th century.

What causes it?

No one knows for sure but age and lifestyle usually trigger cellulite in most women but it can also be hereditary so blame your mother! Often described as cottage cheese or orange peel, this lumpy, bumpy skin is most often seen on the thighs and hips but can also appear on the tops of the arms. It is actually bulging fat cells enveloped between layers of fibrous tissue. As these fat cells become larger, because of weight gain, hormonal changes or water retention, they squeeze the connective tissues causing the skin to pucker. The amount of fat in your body is, of course, an issue too and even the thickness of your skin can determine how visible one woman’s cellulite is next to another’s.

How to fight cellulite

Most women think liposuction is the only permanent way to fix fat but traditional liposuction only removes excess fatty deposits from under the skin using suction and does not touch cellulite In fact, it can make it worse. A combination of laser, vacuum, massage and/or radio frequency devices may smooth out problem areas. but there are now  a number of new non-surgical methods to melt fat and tighten skin


What is it This new non-invasive treatment uses CORE technology, which incorporates radio-frequency energy with vacuum therapy to attack the irregular fat cells on the multiple layers of skin

How does it work The hand piece has four treatment modes that targets different tissue depths, from the superficial layers of the skin to the hypodermis. and subcutaneous fat cells.  The deep tissue heating breaks downs the fat while the vacuum therapy stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce cellulite contour and tighten skin. The treatment takes around one hour and is suitable for hips thighs, abdomen and underarms.  Three to six sessions are required and patients see significant results after 2 or 3 treatment sessions while most individuals have continued improvement for approximately 6 months.  A single maintenance treatment is recommended every six months to maintain results.

Cost from £200 per treatment


What is it. An offshoot of the BodyTite procedure, and uses the same high energy RF technology.

How does it work A cannula is inserted under the skin which cuts the fibrous tissues that pull the skin into dimples, leveling out the bulges of fat. At the same time the RF energy warms the skin making it tighter and smoother. The procedure is carried out as a day case under local anesthesia. Support garments are worn for 4 weeks afterwards, Only one treatment necessary, results are seen immediately and   results are permanent.

Cost from £2500 02074364441


Junk food, alcohol, smoking and caffeine all have an impact on cellulite but did you know that according to the latest research there are a variety of foods that contain ingredients thought to help decrease the dimpled appearance of the skin thanks to their circulation-boosting properties  – add these to your shopping list:

Asparagus: Helps strengthen veins and capillaries and controls blood pressure. It’s also a good source of vitamins A, and B

Bananas: A good booster for blood vessels and great for assisting in healthy circulation, they’re also a good source of potassium, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Broccoli: Contains alpha lipoic acid, which helps prevent the hardening of collagen caused by sugar. It’s also a good source of selenium and calcium.

Citrus Fruits: All are excellent sources of vitamin C. Orange contain bioflavonoids, which can improve circulation and strengthen capillaries.

Oily fish: Salmon, sardines, tuna, trout and bass are all low in fat and high in cellulite-fighting proteins and minerals. Also good sources of essential fatty acids.

Pears: A good detoxifier, pears can help reduce the effects of pollutants in the body, assisting the lymphatic system. A good source of fiber and potassium, too.

Pineapple: Has an anti-inflammatory action in the body that can help fight fluid retention and aid in the healing of damaged collagen fibers. A good source of vitamin C as well.

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