Sssh…. want to know the secret behind their glowing skin, full lips and ageless beauty…. we take a look at our favourite celebs who, unlike the rest of us, never seem to age.



The Kardashian matriarch has never looked better but then she is no stranger to surgery. In fact, she’s let slip a number of times about the amount of work she’s had done to help her hold back the years – including two facelifts, a rhinoplasty (nose job), a couple of breast enhancements and regular monthly non invasive procedures to keep everything topped up and in its rightful place.  She has no frown lines   wrinkles, or sagging, the classic look of well administered   Botox and dermal fillers all of which will replace lost volume, give you back great cheekbones, fill out nose to mouth lines and plump thinning lips. In other words, knock ten years off you! Her smooth as silk complexion also shows no sign of sun damage or enlarged pores, which could be due to ultrasound treatments like Ultherapy and chemical peels which can lift, tighten and tone, boost collagen and refine the texture of the skin. She almost certainly follows a bespoke at home skin routine to retain that glowing skin using prescription skincare morning and night. Hard work yes, but worth it.


Sharon Stone 57

Sharon Stone is known for her remarkably youthful appearance, saying: “I don’t want to be an ageless beauty. I want to be the best I can be at my age.”And she achieves this effortlessly because, like a fine wine, she seems to only get better with age.  She recently confessed that she turned to fillers after her face was affected following a stroke in 2001 (she is currently the face of Restylane, a filler company) but other than that she looks to us like a natural beauty and, with her greying temples and fine lines   is clearly embracing her golden years. But that’s not to say the iconic actress is not taking good care of herself in other ways. We’re sure she has a healthy diet, exercises regularly   to keep her toned muscles in great shape and, we suspect, has regular treatment facials and great skincare, like a mix of hyaluronic acid and collagen serums which will deliver a natural dewy glow and deeply hydrate the skin. Indeed, she is one of the few Hollywood screen stars who hasn’t changed the way she looks with surgery, you could say, she’s using her basic instinct…


Catherine Zeta Jones 46

The Welsh beauty’s youthful face often attracts attention with questions about whether she has gone under the knife. Catherine has always denied surgery and we agree and think her flawless skin and ageless features are due to nothing more than regular non-surgical procedures. Her upper eyelids look remarkably tight, which can be achieved using radio frequency treatments like Pelleve. She also looks as if she has had Botox around the eyes and on the forehead to smooth wrinkles, as her brows look higher and more defined. Her cheeks are full so she could have had some dermal filler injected which is a great treatment for women in their forties, as it restores youthful volume naturally.  Surprisingly she has no sun damage or pigmentation possibly through regular laser sessions such as IPL as well as chemical peels.  But whatever she’s had, Catherine is a glowing example of how subtle, expert enhancement can hold back the years while also looking natural.


Jane Seymour 65

With her ageless beauty it’s easy to forget Jane has just celebrated her 65th birthday, but having the raw material does help. The former Bond girl is not a fan of Botox saying she tried it once but wasn’t impressed and prefers keeping her character lines. Not that she’ a surgery refusenik as she admits she has had her upper and lower eyelids tightened years ago and also had a boob job after breastfeeding her twins. Her hair is her crowing glory and she obviously takes care of herself by following a good diet combined with regular exercise – look at those toned arms, unusual for a woman in her sixties. We suspect Jane also follows a great skin care routine at home regularly exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells and using sunscreen all the time.  We’re sure she also has professional facials, possibly using IPL, which will target any sun damage, fine lines and leave the skin plump and dewy.



Kylie Minogue 47

Even though the fun loving pop princess says she is embracing getting older, she is looking younger now than when she first burst onto our screens in Aussie soap, Neighbours. With her glowing skin, full lips and not a whisper of a wrinkle, she barely looks a day over 30 let alone her full 47 years.  The diminutive singer has denied surgery or undergoing any other cosmetic treatments but to look this good is usually only achieved from dermal fillers, Botox and a treatment like CO2 laser resurfacing and, of course, expertly applied make up. If she has had anything done, it’s the mark of a good cosmetic doctor as she looks so natural but we’re sure she is also taking fantastic care of her skin, using the right high grade cosmeceutical products combined with regular results-driven facials. Still no anti ageing procedure can possibly compete with that sparkle in her eyes, no doubt from   being loved up with new fiancé, twenty eight year old Brit actor Joshua Sasse. He should be so lucky!

Jane Fonda 78

Proving that your 70’s don’t have to be all about twinsets and slippers, the amazing Jane Fonda looks remarkable and at least 20 years younger. But as the face of L’Oreal Paris, all those lotions, potions and workouts aren’t the only secret behind her youthful looks.  The Oscar winning actress has admitted she has had a ‘a little work done’ on her jaw, neck and the bags taken away from under her eyes saying “ I wish I were brave enough to not do plastic surgery but I think I bought myself a decade.”  Still, we’re pleased to see that she not made her face look like mask and she still has a few lines and wrinkles which only adds character and makes her look more natural.  She also uses meditation, Pilates and eight-hours-sleep a night to keep her youthful dew. “Sleep is really important. If you can’t do all your sleeping at night then nap during the day. Good skin care is also important. Drinking lots of water helps your skin and hair.  “We think she is the ultimate poster girl for how to age gracefully.


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