The Hand Tightener – Covid Hands SOS

The Hand Tightener

Our hands actually start to age as early as our early thirties.

Changes in our hormone levels can also cause skin to become thinner, making veins more visible. To improve skin tone and sagging a Smartxide CO2 laser procedure will go deeper than IPL This will stimulate tissue below the skin surface to produce more collagen and elastin – tightening the fine wrinkles in skin and leaving hands that look much smoother and more youthful.

Skin-tightening devices, using radio frequency like Forma, can also work nicely for hands in need of tone and textural improvements depending on the depth of the treatment, it can take up to week to recover but results can last up to three years if you exfoliate regularly and wear sunscreen. Smartxide CO2 laser for hands from £300 per session.

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