I cannot tell you how much I ADORE this.

Not only does it smell utterly divine …that will be the  Rose Floral Water..but it is incredibly rejuvenating and nourishing thanks to the Macadamia Oil.  So is it a new wonder creme?  Nope, it’s a masque..but unlike many other masques I have tried it is designed to work in just two minutes.  I love that, because I just do not have time to sit around waiting for a product to work.  The Insta-masque from Nuxe is an ingenious gel formulation which magically turns into oil on the skin…so a little goes a very long way.  And not only that, there are tiny exfoliating powders too, so as you gently massage into the skin you are removing dead skin cells too.  The result is a smooth, luminous baby-soft skin.  And the rose fragrance lingers on too.

Insta-Masque by Nuxe is a little wonder.   I get mine from and if you are quick you can get a 50ml jar for just £13.00 rather than the usual £19.50.


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