The Latest Anti-Ageing Ingredients – Irish Peat

Irish Peat
What it does: The incredible properties of peat  – the bog material formed when plant remains partially decompose – are well documented – ancient ‘bog bodies’ with well preserved features which had been naturally mummified within a peat bog have reportedly left scientists speechless.  Bogs are almost exclusively in central Ireland and their Celtic forefathers often used peat to heal themselves after a day’s battle. Now the peat that preserved many of these ancient bodies has inspired a new luxury peat based skincare range called Ogra – the Irish word for youth. Peat contains a powerful antioxidant, called trolox, the water soluble equivalent of vitamin E along with zinc copper, iron, selenium and rotted plants such as bog whortleberry which is claimed can promote collagen production, tighten pores slow the ageing process and restore the skin’s natural PH balance. In more recent times peat has been used to treat skin conditions like acne and psoriasis through the use of peat baths in Europe
Try It: Ogra Peat Face and Body Mask which contains 100 per cent organic peat  – £59.95
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