The Lip Lady of Lancashire

“This is the best job in the world,” enthuses Nurse Pawson who has a small discreet clinic six miles from Preston which she credits – along with her skill – as one of her tools of success.  “One of the secrets to a busy aesthteics practice is 100 per cent discretion because Botox and fillers are still a massive taboo, “she says.  “We are down a little country road in the middle of nowhere with a tiny sign, which could have been business suicide.  But it’s actually made us really busy now and makes a difference with online reviews which are increasingly important to business because people read them and then travel to see us.”


Now working ninety hours a week, Nurse Pawson has a very different medical background to what she is doing now. “I was a chemotherapy nurse, but around ten years ago I decided to do something else but still in the caring profession. A friend suggested I look into aesthetics.  And although sometimes I miss the buzz of the wards, I haven’t looked back.”

Tip – ‘Do your research; a lots of beauty therapists are passing themselves off as practitioners even wearing nurses outfits, so for all intents and purposes people think they are medically trained. Always ask to see qualifications; if they don’t or can’t produce them, leave.’

Since she started has she seen developments?  “There have been massive changes. When I began, The Look was lots of filler and no facial movement whatsoever;  I used to go to aesthetic conferences and they were like freak-shows. I hated that.”

Her starting point with all her patients is skin quality.  “ I do a lot of peels  because I believe that good, hydrated and smooth skin is a hundred times more important than injectables.  I use the Perfect Peel.… and for a lighter effect, the Alumier Peel …to get rid of all the lifeless, dead skin cells and visible damage.  The results are baby-smooth skin with no visible ageing open pores.  I do my own peels twice a year and although it’s a bit Samantha out of Sex and the City, the results are second to none.”

Tip – ‘When it comes to skincare I have my own range but whatever you use it should be high in vitamin C for anti-oxidants and Vitamin A for skin renewal. And obviously an SPF, which everybody should be on anyway on a daily basis. Those are really the three things that your skin needs.’


Also known as The Lip Lady of Lancashire, Nurse Pawson has made her name for  her ability in creating naturally plump lips, but she also deals with others mistakes.  “I still see lumpy, bumpy lips with infections,” she says.   “It’s come from this ridiculous fashion of the top lip being bigger than the bottom making women look like ducks because the dimensions of the lips are all wrong. The dimensions should be 40% on the upper lip and 60% on the bottom lip to create a balanced mouth.”

Nurse Julie Pawson of JPA Clinic in Ribchester, Lancashire.


The top tip from all our experts?  Wear factor 50 every day, come rain, shine or snow.  New Epionce Daily Shield Lotion Tinted SPF 50  is a new old best friend. (£45

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