For years the Welsh actress has been one of the most stunning women in Hollywood and although she continues to turn heads with her age defying looks her latest  face  has got everyone talking…



At 22, Catherine, fresh faced and plumped cheeked, she looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor. The Welsh beauty shot to fame playing a sexy farm girl in The Darling Buds of May and not surprisingly her natural beauty and charm soon captivated audiences everywhere.



From Darling Buds to Hollywood Royalty.  After landing the role of leading lady in The Mask Of Zorro Catherine hit the big time and caught the eye of actor Michael Douglas who despite a 25-year age gap, she started dating the following year.  Still blessed with her youthful good looks, her skin in smooth and line free although we can see the beginnings of sun damage on her décolletage and forehead.




Now married to Michael Douglas and with her Hollywood career firmly established, Catherine in her early thirties, still manages to keep her fresh teenage looks. She is expecting her first son, and blooming, if anything she appears to have improved with age. Her slightly thicker eyebrows add character to her face and her skin still looks as unlined as it was when she first sprang to fame.  She’s admitted she’s always been a fan of home made beauty treatments often making her own skin scrubs using honey and sugar which makes an excellent exfoliator We expect, too she’s also having regular professional facials to keep her complexion bright and youthful as she’s still too young for anything stronger and  clearly doesn’t need it.




Now a mum of two Catherine still hasn’t started aging. There is barley any expression lines or loss of elasticity, though her upper eyelids which have always been quite full are starting to look a little heavy.  But her complexion still looks remarkably line free, her cheeks and lips full and plump which we’re sure she achieved without going under the knife, instead opting for regular non surgical procedures like radio frequency facials to tighten elastin fibres and boost collagen production plus regular dermabrasion sessions which will keep the skin in top condition.





The 39-year-old Welsh actress ‘s complexion is beginning to tell a different story now. With red blotches and enlarged pores Catherine cannot hide the ravages of time and sun damage. Judging by the spots on her chin she also developed acne, which can be down to hormones and stress , especially after pregnancy.  Her skin also skin began to look very dehydrated, in fact she could have done with a good peel to rejuvenate and restore that Hollywood glow.




Oh dear, what’s happened? The normally glamorous beauty was turning heads for all the wrong reasons.  Her skin was looking very dull with enlarged pores.  She was wearing thick foundation to mask  her imperfections but it only exaggerates her skin problems  and her eyes  look very puffy. Her brows have also thinned with age and her love of heavy earrings has  caused a little lobe droop which could  be  easily fixed through a lobelift.  Her normally lustrous locks have been scraped back into a very unflattering tight bun, a sort of  ‘Croydon facelift ‘ when pulling the hair tightly back also pulls the facial skin tight especially around the eyes and forehead. Her brows also look a little higher and her forehead unusually smooth ,usually achieved through Botox.



Catherine has had a tough couple of years – her husband’s cancer battle plus her own very public battle with bipolar disorder  took a toll on her marriage to Michael Douglas. But she’s obviously been drinking from the fountain of youth, as here she looks more fresh faced and back to her well-polished and glamorous self. Her jaw line was taut and her forehead line free, which could be down to Botox which is typically never injected under the eyes hence the small wrinkles under her eyes. Considering she is now in her forties, her cheeks haven’t lost any volume, unnatural for a woman of her age and usually a tell tale sign of injectables, possibly something like Sculptra which boosts collagen over a period of time and acts like a form of scaffolding for the skin.




Posing on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last month  (Jan) the beautiful actress’s changing face got everyone talking and speculating about what she has had done. Despite  the rumours Catherine has always denied surgery but here her upper eyelids look remarkably tighter and not as heavy as they used to be which is usually achieved by an upper eye blepharoplasty when removing some of this volume gives them a more wide awake look. She also looks as if she has had Botox around the eyes and on the forehead to smooth wrinkles  as her brows look higher and more defined. The sun damage has also disappeared possibly through regular laser sessions as well as chemical peels and radio frequency skin tightening treatments but clever make up can also disguise it.  But whatever she’s had or not had, Catherine looks a picture of health and beauty  to us and is in remarkably good shape for a woman in her mid forties.







As we age, the tone and shape of your eyelids tends to change, as skin sags making you appear older than you really are. Heavy upper eyelids in particular don’t age well and only become heavier and more creased over the years, causing hooding which can affect vision and which can also make it difficult to wear eyeshadow and liner as your natural eyelid crease becomes less define sometimes looking as if you have no upper lid at all. But an upper eyelift can correct the problem of aging eyes and leave you looking years younger in an instant!

The procedure called an upper eye blepharoplasty takes around one hour  and can be performed under local anesthetic, although the area is numb, you are awake throughout and you can then go home the same day. Expect bruising and swelling for up to two- three weeks after the procedure. Your eyes may feel tight, dry and itchy for a week or so. Cost of surgery around £3,000

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