She’s known as one of the most stunning women in Hollywood, but actress Melanie Griffith is also famous for having a little too much plastic surgery.


At 18 and a natural red head with youthful dimples and a flawless complexion, Mel looks like she has the world at her feet. And she has.  She was already captivating audiences with her natural beauty and childlike voice.  Actor Don Johnson was also smitten. They started dating when she was 14, got married this year but divorced a year later.


At 29 Melanie hit the big time after being awarded a Golden Globe for her performance in Working Girl. But away from the screen her life was in turmoil – and she admitted she was addicted to drink and drugs Judging by this photo she hasn’t yet dabbled with her other talked about addiction – cosmetic surgery. No filler or Botox, and pre the rumoured surgery just a natural faced and striking Melanie but you can see there’s a weary look in her eyes showing her emotional struggles


Reunited with ex-husband Don Johnson, Melanie, 31 gives birth to their daughter, Dakota. Her face looks plumper but this is most probably due to pregnancy weight and hormones, rather than filler.  Her natural lines under the eyes and crow’s feet area also show she hasn’t started   dabbling with Botox yet. But her lips a look fuller so she may have had a little collagen injected  though it’s most probably down to make up.


After several tumultuous marriages and repeated struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction, 40 year Melanie is finally in a happy, stable marriage, with Antonio Banderas. But it ‘s the start of her slippery slope journey into her rumoured cosmetic surgery. Although she has never admitted having procedures, her swollen misshapen top lip has doubled in size losing the Cupid’s bow in the process, which suggests she’s had fillers, most probably collagen. Trout pout lips never look right on someone who was not born with full lips. Her face has also changed shape and looking more angular but this could be probably due to weight loss after her pregnancy .Her upper eyes are also less hooded and you can clearly see her eye lids here, so she may well have had an upper blepharoplasty, an eye lift, which removes excess skin and opens up the eyes. The fine lines and crow’s feet have also softened, a sign of Botox. Husband Antonio Banderas later threated to leave her unless she quit having surgery.


In your forties it’s natural to lose volume in your face especially if you are very slim and it looks as if Melanie has been trying to restore that youthful padding using fillers. Unfortunately, she appears plumped to unnatural proportions. The problem is if you use too much the face and lips just look puffy and overstuffed. . The art of using filler is to enhance someone’s features and not try to create something that’s not there. Too much filler also gives the face a triangular look: wide at the cheekbones and comparatively narrow at the jaw. In moderation, this is a youthful shape; but in excess, it just adds to a cat-like look


Almost unrecognisable, Melanie’s elongated and shiny forehead is a classic tell tale sign of having regular injectable wrinkle treatment. You can also tell when someone has overdone the Botox when you see those over raised eyebrows.  Her skin is pulled taut across the cheekbone and around the jaw indicating a facelift and possibly a neck lift, Her skin has taken on a waxy sheen and looks frozen and expressionless, which could be due to overdoing laser-resurfacing treatments. With her waxen features and taut, unnaturally smooth skin, her face seemed almost mask-like – which, if you’re not wearing a mask, is never a good look in our book.


A radiant Melanie looks softer and at 57 is showing signs of ageing naturally. Her taut skin has loosened creating smile lines around the mouth and eyes which add character to her previously expressionless face. But  her forehead retains the line free trademark of Botox.  Her skin is  glowing and has lost that waxy sheen  so she may have replaced fillers with  professional facials. Overall, it looks like she has stopped having so many treatments and is now showing her natural and inner beauty.

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