The Meno-Pot-Belly

A recent survey found that nearly half of women hate their stomachs more than any other part of their body. But don’t give up hope on yours – there are plenty of things you can do to trim, tone and tighten belly bulge.


Most women worry about the size of their bellies but that’s hardly surprising when you consider all the stress we put on our tummies. Hormonal shifts, pregnancy, weight gain and loss, as well as certain food triggers can make it blow up or deflate like a balloon.  The stomach is also one area where time takes its toll. As we age the shape, and the size changes particularly during our middle ages when oestrogen levels fall and fat is rerouted towards the waist and stomach, dubbed the menopot. Then, even the flattest of tums will have is ups and downs.

Did You Know?
Healthy hormone levels, low stress levels and a good amount of sleep every night will also help you get a flatter stomach.

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