Last year, it was reported that Michael Schumacher, the Formula One legend, was being treated with stem cell therapy in a Paris hospital. If true, then this offers hope that his devastating head injury can be helped. We wish him well.
As regular readers know, I am fascinated with stem I have been working with them for a long time….albeit the ones found in fruit! My Restorative Miracle Serum is a hybrid of science and nature, blending growth factor stimulators and hexapeptides together with stem cells from a cocktail of fruits.  Works brilliantly if I say so myself.
So what are stem cells?
They are cells that can differentiate – or change – into other types of cell….opening the possibility of replacing damaged cells with healthy ones.  Scientists have been looking into their use for over 50 years now,  most successfully so far in cases of cancers of the blood or bone marrow.  And more recently, skin stem cells have been used to grow skin grafts for patients with life-threatening burns.
But it is their flexibility which offers hope for lots of illnesses and conditions such as heart disease and MS…  finding ways of ensuring that the cells go to the area of damage and signal the body to regenerate.   Interestingly stem cells are also being explored for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s too…so watch this space.
How do you get stem cells?
Actually, the most exciting element of this is at the moment, your own body provides them…so you are literally healing yourself.  Most clinics, including ours, take a sample of adipose fat …as this is abundant in stem cells…spin it in a centrifuge, and then inject the cells back into the area to be treated, and we have had some really good results.  It works well for joints such as knees, elbows or ankles offering reduced pain and improved mobility.
However, advances are being made all the time so the possibilities for stem cell therapy going forward are unlimited.
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