The problem: droopy brow

A sagging forehead can affect the expression in your eyes and make you look depressed and/or worried. Sound familiar? Try these ideas which may work for you.

At home:

Curl your lashes: This little trick is a great eye-opener…literally. Don’t bother with pricey heated eyelash curlers though, if you give your regular eyelash curlers a blast with the hairdryer, they will do the job just as well. Make sure they are not too hot before using them though!
Use concealer on your lids and brow bone to brighten your eyes. Choose a shade lighter than your skin tone and then, using a small brush, apply the concealer under your eyebrows and blend in. Apply to your lids too and blend again. Benefit has a great ‘brow-lifting pencil called High Brow in a soft pink shade, which you apply under your brows following the arch. This little trick works wonders when you need to look as though you have had 8 hours sleep but have only had 4.
At the Clinic:

Botox Brow Lift: Small amounts of muscle-relaxing injections are in placed into the brows so the ‘down-pulling’ muscles are relaxed and the up-pulling’ muscles can work for efficiently, raising your brows. In some cases this can raise the upper lids slightly, too. This procedure lasts for about 3-6 months.
Laser resurfacing: This sounds a bit space age-y as lasers penetrate the skin creating thousands of microscopic wounds to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. the treatment can shrink back your skin, lifting your brow and getting rid of that careworn look It does take about a week for your skin to recover as it will be red and flaky, but if you can take a week off to have this treatment, the results are excellent. No getting round it though, this can be a painful procedure, but the results can last between two to five years.

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