The Problem: Veiny Hands

There is nothing like prominent veins to make your hands look very ‘old lady’. Ive noticed that women who work out a lot tend to have incredibly veiny hands. It’s because they have very little body fat, so the veins stand out on their hands where the skin is thingger. In terms of DIY tricks for veins, there isn’t a lot you can do … but here are a few suggestions.

Cheat no.1: use make-up

A good tip that celebs use for red carpet events is to wear make-up on their hands. This helps cover up blue veins as well as other blemishes, so hands appear smoother and younger.

Cheat no. 2: wear gloves

If you have no time, no cash, or simply don’t fancy going the treatment route, get yourself some gloves. They’re an easy cheat in the winter, and you could buy fingerless lace evening gloves or long satin Audrey Hepburn – style ones for a glamorous event!

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