We all know that celebrities love their nips and tucks but some look like they’ve indulged in just a little too much cosmetic work. From pillow cheeks to frozen faces, some stars are barely recognisable with their puffed out features and plumped up lips. But since most of them are genetically blessed to begin with why do so many risk their good looks by overdoing it?

20’s – TULISA
Tulisa’s puffy face and swollen lips have changed shape somewhat from a few years before. She looks as if she’s had something injected into them, and in recent photos they look unbalanced. The upper lip should be thinner than the lower lip but both lips are quite thick while her elongated forehead is a telltale sign of having injectable wrinkle treatment. Her cheeks also look fuller than in earlier photographs and her skin looks quite taut which may suggest she’s had regular facial peels. At 26, Tulisa is still very young and we’re not keen to treat people in their twenties with fillers or Botox because their skin should still be in the ‘warranty; period. Besides, there are other steps young women should be taking before opting for the needle and fillers, like using daily sun protection, following a good skincare routine as well as having a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

A decade on and Sarah Harding looks very different to how she looked during her early twenties. With her waxen features and taut skin, her face seems almost expressionless and mask-like here – which, if you’re not wearing a mask, is not a good look.This is usually due to overdoing the Botox because if you use too much, you can create a very unnatural look and end up with mannequin-like features. In the spirit of chasing youth and glamour, some women take it too far and wind up erasing the small facial expressions that make them look human, especially if you use overdo the crow’s feet around the eyes or use too much and around the mouth. On a young face the result then is a stiff unnatural look that only adds years.
One of the most common Botox mistakes is when the forehead looks immobile and the brows are a little lowered. It feels like someone is sitting on your forehead, which is how Gwen looks here. This usually happens when too much Botox is injected into the frontalis muscle, which runs across the length of the forehead and connects to the eyebrow movement. Your forehead relaxes, but so do your eyebrows, which make them, feel heavy and droopy. The result just looks slightly robotic Also, in the case of overdoing filler, the cheeks can sometimes press against the sides of the eyes, making them look smaller and slanted which is what we suspect has also happened to Gwen giving her an almost cat- like appearance.
While many people criticize her unnatural appearance Janice Dickinson, 59 a plastic surgery devotee who had her first procedure 17 years ago, is adamant she has no regrets about going under the knife confessing to a tummy tuck, a neck lift, several facelifts, Botox, liposuction, breast implants and skin peels. But we think her obsessive approach to surgery has left her with rather strange features and compared to her youthful self she has an almost completely new and artificial face. Definitely we think a case of having too much of everything. Those soaring eyebrows also occur when too much Botox is given, especially in the centre of the forehead .Her top lip also look overfilled as it turns upward giving her a sort of ‘duck’ look. Unfortunately, the result is not a youthful look but merely a case of someone looking as if they are trying too hard look young.

Compared to when she was younger, Dolly’s features have changed considerably, almost certainly due to numerous treatments and procedures over the years. Older women, especially if they are slim, will notice a hollowing of the cheeks around the eye and the temples, eventually losing a considerable amount of volume in the face. But Dolly’s face is full and plump almost certainly due to fillers which can sometimes leave unnatural-looking facial planes especially, when too much is used which can cause the angles of the face to become distorted. Dolly’s over-filled cheeks almost resemble marshmallows – puffed up and plump making her eyes look smaller while her shiny wrinkle free forehead and line free face is almost certainly due to regular Botox. She may also have undergone blepharoplasty – upper eyelid surgery – as her upper lids look quite tight, which is hard to achieve without surgery.

Celebrities today are under an incredible amount of pressure to look young and stay slim especially as they are in the public eye all the time They also work in an industry where there is so much importance placed on youth and with younger fresh faced stars arriving on the scene all the time it’s not surprising they feel like they’ve got to keep up with the competition. It doesn’t help either that they are constantly being scrutinised for every line, wrinkle or extra pound in weight they carry. There’s no doubt that some become obsessed with fighting every little wrinkle, blemish or sag. They can also become obsessed with the media attention they receive as a result of their appearance so it’s a vicious circle.

It must be an enormous pressure for them. but any good cosmetic doctor will say “No – no more “ even to an A-lister. We want to enhance beauty not distort it and the end result is dependent on the skill of the injector which is why it is essential to go to an experienced cosmetic practitioner. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident in who she is. The stars who change their looks beyond recognition just look ridiculous

This Week At The Clinic
Sylvia Blackhall, 48 from Blackheath London wanted a facelift. She had lost volume from her cheeks and under her eyes and thought that going under the knife would restore her confidence and make her look “younger and fresher.” It’s no secret aging brings on a world of change: Cheeks and chins thin, fat pads droop, eyes hollow. But as we explained, if aging is affecting the shape of your face due to volume loss, which happens in your 40’, you may be able to tweak what you don’t like without getting surgery. Today, most surgeons and cosmetic doctors prefer to restore contours rather than eliminating every line because that is what makes your face look younger. For example, when the temples sink inwards and lose structure, they can cause the face to be unbalanced but when they are “reinflated,” the entire face can look lifted. The same with the hollows under the eyes, a little filler to plump up the area can sometimes be all that’s needed to make you look younger and fresher. Restoring volume also helps to improve the dimension of your facial features, as well as symmetry. We suggested Sylvia had an injectable liquid facelift using a combination of dermal fillers, which can give your skin the kiss of life by creating a younger plumper look as well as addressing concerns, like wrinkles and volume loss. Sylvia agreed and two weeks later came back for the treatment. Some well-placed dermal filler lifted her cheek pads as well as eliminated her tear troughs and hollow temples. The procedure took just 40 minutes and gave a beautiful but subtle result with no downtime .Price £750

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